Apex Legends: Season 5 weapon tier list

Here are the best-to-worst weapons in season five.

Season five of Apex Legends introduced a lot of weapon adjustments alongside a new legend, Loba.

The Fortune’s Favor patch slightly shifted the battle royale’s gun hierarchy. Popular weapons like the Mastiff and Havoc received the short end of the stick while guns like the RE-45 and Peacekeeper were buffed to keep up with the competition.

In this tier list, the guns are being evaluated as if they’re fully equipped with the optimal attachments. The following criteria are also being considered:

  • Damage per second: Simply put, how much damage can the gun dish out over time.
  • Accessibility: The rarity of the gun.
  • Versatility: The gun’s ability to be used by any legend and for multiple situations, such as different distances or with different load-outs.

Here are our tiered rankings of the weapons in Apex.

Tier one

  • Devotion (Light machine gun)
  • R-99 (Submachine gun)
  • R-301 Carbine (Assault rifle)
  • Peacekeeper (Shotgun)
  • Kraber (Sniper rifle)
  • Wingman (Pistol)

The Devotion is one of the few guns that dodged the nerf hammer. The gun’s been on the rise since its transition into being a supply drop only weapon in season four. Its rapid-fire rate and overall DPS makes it a great pick up to gun down squads. 

Though the R-99 needs a level three mag to be turned into a real beast, the commonly found weapon is still great at melting shields and downing enemies before giving them a chance to react. A good stabilizer is also a must to handle its recoil. Despite being attachment dependent, the R-99 dishes out the second-highest DPS in the game after the Devotion.

The R-301 and assault rifles, in general, don’t get to shine as much as sniper rifles or SMGs. Keeping a sniper rifle to cover distance alongside a shotgun or an SMG to finish off enemies at close range decreased the need for an all-around weapon. The gun’s still a great pick up with its decent DPS if you often find yourself in mid-range skirmishes instead of close-quarter fights.

Not many fans expected the Peacekeeper to take the Mastiff’s place in care packages, but it came with a bang alongside multiple buffs like reduced chamber time and reload times. While it’s harder to find a Peacekeeper in season five, finders will surely be keepers since the shotgun is more consistent now and shreds enemies without shields like paper.

For snipers, the Kraber is still unmatched when it comes to raw power. The gun made its way to the season without any changes. The Kraber can only be found in care packages and any headshot will be enough to knock a legend even if they have a fortification perk.

The good old Wingman is back again with a slight change to its headshot scale and addition of the Skullpiercer Hop-up. This combination makes the Wingman a great choice for quick headshots. An extended mag can also be handy with it since the default magazine size may end up haunting if you miss one too many shots.

Tier two

  • Spitfire (Light machine gun)
  • Prowler (Submachine gun)
  • Flatline (Assault rifle)
  • Mastiff (Shotgun)
  • Longbow DMR (Sniper rifle)
  • RE-45 (Pistol)

Though the Spitfire’s fire rate may be lower than its rival LMGs, it still doesn’t hold back the gun from having a deadly DPS. The lower fire rate also increases its hip-fire accuracy, which may come in handy in close-quarter skirmishes. The weapon can also be found fully-kitted as of season five, which makes it a pain to deal with for your opponents if you find one during the early game.

The Prowler has been one of the more solid performers since the gun didn’t receive any massive changes for the past couple of seasons. The submachine gun needs a Select Fire Receiver to reach its true potential but it can also survive without it. Anyone who trusts their aim shouldn’t have any problems with the Prowler’s burst, especially if you aim for the head.

Despite packing a more deadly punch than the R-301, the Flatline’s high recoil makes it harder to land those shots. It also features a decent fire rate, which makes its recoil the only reason behind its low popularity. The gun can suddenly turn into the best weapon in the game with aggressive recoil controlling, so if you notice anyone constantly getting kills with a Flatline, you may consider avoiding skirmishes.

Mastiff’s long reign as the best shotgun in the game came to an end after the gun received multiple nerfs. Though it may be far from its past glory, the Mastiff is still a great pick up considering shotguns are the kings of close-range skirmishes in Apex. Pairing the Mastiff with a sniper rifle may leave you at a disadvantage in medium-range fights since a sniper-shotgun combination lacks in the fire rate department.

The Longbow DMR is another all-time consistent performer and it just got better with the addition of the Skullpiercer Hop-up since it increases the gun’s headshot damage by a nice margin. The change made the Longbow DMR possibly the best sniper rifle in the game if supply drops are excluded.

While the Wingman’s the only pistol that Apex players consider carrying throughout a game, the RE-45 can slowly become the second alternative with its increased damage and faster reload time. The pistol has the fire rate to take advantage of both buffs and can also be found fully kitted as of season five.

Tier three

  • L-Star (Light machine gun)
  • Alternator (Submachine gun)
  • Havoc (Assault rifle)
  • EVA-8 (Shotgun)
  • Sentinel (Sniper rifle)

The L-Star will continue to be a popular choice due to its availability throughout the map. It may still be dropped instantly for any of the higher-tier weapons, however. The gun’s less than ideal bullet travel time makes it a nightmare to pick off enemies from a distance and leaves a lot to be desired.

With its decent recoil rate and the recent buffs to its mag size, the Alternator continues to be a great early-game choice until you find an R-99. 

Though the Havoc started off the season with nerfs both to its horizontal and vertical recoil, it’s still the same gun with the same overall deadliness. If you’re good at controlling recoil, the Havoc will still be a decent option for mid-range skirmishes.

The EVA-8 is one of the better guns to stumble upon during the early game. Its high damage enables players to hold their own until they find a better gun. While it’s hard to control compared to other shotguns, the double-tap hop-up can secure back-to-back shots if you aim for the chest.

The Sentinel is one of the more unique weapons in Apex. The ability to charge it to deal significantly more damage still makes it a good alternative, but it lacks the overall consistency that the other sniper rifles have.