Apex Legends: Character tier list

Find out how your favorite legend ranks on this season four tier list.

Season four of Apex Legends is underway, shaking things up with tons of new content. Killer robot Revenant debuts, along with some changes to World’s Edge and the new Sentinel sniper rifle. Let’s see how each legend stacks up against the rest.

While typical battle royales put fans on a level playing field, Apex is different since each character comes with a unique set of abilities and hitboxes. The disparity is further noticed in World’s Edge, whose diverse terrain and verticality seem to prioritize mobile champs. But with Kings Canyon making a return in the second half of the season, we may see old champs come back in the meta.

In this tier list, the legends are being evaluated by the following three criteria:

  • Legend kits: The advantages and disadvantages garnered from the active, passive, and ultimate abilities each legend has. A legend’s hitbox, the size of their frame, is also taken into account. 
  • Team Compatibility: How well a legend’s abilities synergize with other legends’ skills, while also supporting their teammates’ survival and success.
  • Map adaptability: World’s Edge is a far cry from Kings Canyon, which was smaller and had more houses and shacks to hide in. The map is huge and features many tall structures and mountains, as well as open fields. While some legends adapted easily to the change, others struggled.

Here are our tiered rankings of the characters in Apex.

Tier one


Image via Respawn Entertainment

The poster-girl for Respawn’s battle royale still fares better than most legends in season four.

Her hitbox is the smallest in the game and, if that didn’t make her hard enough to hit, her tactical ability, Into the Void, gives her invulnerability and a slight movement speed buff. But Respawn did tweak her numbers in the Grand Soirée event patch, increasing her tactical ability’s cooldown from 25 to 35 seconds.

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Wraith’s ultimate ability, Dimensional Rift, lets her create two portals that are linked, allowing any player to pass through. This can help set up a beautifully designed flank, cover ground quicker, and escape sticky situations by repositioning your entire team. This is especially helpful in traversing the wide plains of World’s Edge.

Respawn attempted to balance Wraith out with the Low Profile debuff, which increases the damage she takes by five percent. But since she’s still extremely popular in competitive play, this did little to stop her success.


Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex‘s big man has been getting some serious love from Respawn. Devs first buffed his tactical and ultimate ability in season three. Players inside the gentle giant’s Dome Shield now use healing items 25 percent faster, but the cooldown on it was increased from 20 to 30 seconds.

Then the Grand Soirée patch further gave him an advantage by allowing him to revive squadmates faster when inside his Domeshield. Pair that with the “Fortified” buff, which makes him take less damage from incoming attacks, and the meat shield can do it all.

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His ultimate ability, Defensive Bombardment, does severe missile damage in a concentrated area but can also harm Gibraltar, making it a double-edged sword. The cooldown on it was decreased tremendously in season three, going from 4.5 minutes to three.

And even though Gibby’s hitbox is the biggest in the game, he’s been given the tools to counter that minor inconvenience.


Image via Respawn Entertainment

The lovable robot took another hit in season three, facing Respawn’s nerf gun again. The projectile velocity on his grapple was reduced by 33 percent and the cooldown on his ultimate, Zipline, was increased from 90 to 120 seconds.

Season two graced the tin man with the Low Profile debuff in hopes of making him easier to deal with. That didn’t stop his overwhelming use in Apex competitions like the X Games or Twitch Rivals.

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Few legends could survive a nerf to both of their abilities, but Pathfinder remains a top-tier play in season four simply because of his mobility. Being able to zipline on top of high skyscrapers and mountains across World’s Edge makes him viable in any team composition. And that advantage will remain intact after the switch back to Kings Canyon.

Tier two


Image via Respawn Entertainment

The Medic was untouched by Respawn devs coming into season four. She’s a well-balanced legend who heals quicker than other characters and provides support and a care package.

Lifeline’s passive, Combat Medic, is hands down one of the best in the game. She can revive knocked out teammates faster while being protected by an impenetrable shield wall and she uses all healing items 25 percent faster than the other legends. But with Gibraltar’s buffs giving him faster healing and reviving when in the Dome Shield, Lifeline’s usage took a hit.

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Although Lifeline’s still a great pick, her transition into World’s Edge wasn’t exactly seamless. A large map for someone who isn’t mobile can be devastating, which means Lifeline has to depend more on teammates, like Pathfinder or Wraith, to get her into better positioning.

But, again, with Gibraltar having similar support abilities and a Dome Shield for immediate protection, Lifeline’s presence seems superfluous.


Image via Respawn Entertainment

Bangalore is probably the most well-rounded legend in the game. Her kit is easy to use, provides utility for the team, and gives her a good escape mechanic.

Bangalore’s passive, Double Time, gives her a 30 percent speed boost when she is being shot at, making her nearly impossible to hit. Her Smoke Launcher provides cover to herself and teammates, being perfect for situations like being caught out in the open field, having to revive a downed ally, or wanting to loot without having your head blown off.

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The Professional Soldier works well in World’s Edge. If enemies catch her out in the open, her passive can get her out of harm’s way easier, especially with a well-timed smoke grenade.

Though her ultimate ability, Rolling Thunder, is a bit underwhelming, it’s a good zoning tool to quickly readjust your position and tactics in a pinch. And the ability was buffed in season three’s patch, increasing the missile damage from 20 to 40.

Tier three


Image via Respawn Entertainment

Octane is great for aggressive gameplay. His tactical ability, Stim, gives him a 30 percent movement speed buff over six seconds and it has an extremely short cooldown (two seconds after the effect ends). This is perfect for running away from shots on the barren wasteland of World’s Edge or diving into the fray to take out unsuspecting victims.

His Launch Pad ultimate helps with repositioning himself and teammates but can be hard to use effectively.

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Octane does have some clear disadvantages. He doesn’t provide as much for teammates as other legends, like Pathfinder and Wraith, who can reposition the team in a less risky fashion. His abilities are also loud and make it virtually impossible to sneak up on anybody.

The legend is pretty one-dimensional. You’re either running in at top speed or running out. And while that was fine with a smaller legend pool, Respawn needs to give him a buff or update so that he can keep up with the times.


Image via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn gave Bloodhound a couple of necessary buffs in season three, with the animation on Eye of the Allfather being reduced by 33 percent. Season four was even more friendly to them, improving their ultimate ability immensely.

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Beast of the Hunt’s timer is now increased by five seconds for each enemy downed, not killed, allowing you to potentially exceed your start time with enough kills. Since this ability is crucial to their kit, Bloodhound now has the means to hunt down prey and is rewarded with a huge incentive and payoff.

Bloodhound’s passive, which allows the legend to see enemy activity, such as footprints left behind or any doors that were opened, still isn’t anywhere near what other legends can provide for the team. And not having an escape or way to reposition in a large map makes Bloodhound a difficult legend to master.


Image via Respawn Entertainment

Wattson shook up the meta in season two, with her defensive prowess making her a must-pick in competitive and high-level play. World’s Edge did make her a weaker legend, however.

The grand scale of the map means that her cool defensive abilities, like Perimeter Security, aren’t as effective. An electric fence can’t do much if the enemy squads are all on top of tall buildings and mountains aiming down at you.

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Her ultimate ability, Interception Pylon, places an electrified pylon that slowly recharges teammates’ shields and destroys any grenades thrown or missiles called in the vicinity. This is a great defensive ultimate that protects and supports teammates. But it was nerfed to only allow one pylon at a time.

Even with those disadvantages, Wattson remains a consistent pick in competitive play. A highly-coordinated team can use her kit most effectively, creating masterful defenses and camping out choke points. Though she may be harder to use in lower ranks, she excels in the right hands.

Tier four


Image result for crypto apex legends
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Since World’s Edge and Crypto were likely being designed in tandem, it would make sense that the hacker would have some success on the map. But he’s still an underwhelming pick in comparison to other legends.

Crypto’s Surveillance Drone provides his squad with the intel needed for such a large map. It also can pick up ally banners and open doors, making it extremely versatile. The Drone EMP can be devastating when pushing a team in the open field, breaking shields, and slowing enemies.

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The hacker did get some help in the Grand Soirée patch, which raised his drone’s health from one to 30. This was definitely needed since the drone was far too fragile to scout anything. And the EMP is more team-friendly since it no longer affects friendly traps or deployable items.

Compared to legends like Gibraltar and Caustic, Crypto’s hitbox is fairly small. Though he lacks mobility, the hacker can make things work with a pesky drone that can help Crypto and his team discover the best position for an upcoming firefight.


Image via Respawn Entertainment

Mirage is the master of deception in Apex. His tactical ability, Psyche Out, allows you to call in a holographic decoy. And he did get better when Respawn buffed his ultimate, Vanishing Act, making him completely invisible after summoning a team of decoys.

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But his kit can only go so far. It provides virtually nothing for the team in terms of synergy or support and his decoy is fairly easy to figure out. World’s Edge wasn’t exactly friendly to the trickster either since he has no means of escaping without his ultimate.


Image via Respawn Entertainment

It appears the new bad boy on the block isn’t that bad. Revenant’s kit is definitely interesting, spawning a Death Totem that allows your squad to respawn back on it when taken out. But Caustic can easily counter it by placing some gas traps nearby. And if an enemy team finds its location, it can prove devastating.

The killer robot’s tactical ability is a grenade that silences and disables enemy abilities for 10 seconds. This is an interesting direction for Respawn, adding in a crowd control mechanic that has the potential to change the game. It may have been undershot a bit specifically for that reason. If the radius or time on the silence is increased, then Revenant can easily jump to a top-tier pick.

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Revenant’s Stalker ability is probably one of the more useful passives. He can crouch walk extremely fast, sneaking up on enemies and taking them out before they know what hit them. And he can scale buildings higher than most of his opponents.

But Pathfinder keeps the “best robot in the Apex games” title due to his superior mobility and team synergy.


Image via Respawn Entertainment

The Toxic Trapper’s tactical ability, Nox Gas Trap, allows you to place up to six canisters that release gas when they’re shot or triggered by an enemy. And Caustic’s ultimate, Nox Gas Grenade, lets you cover an entire area with toxic gas. And since it’s a huge counter to Revenant, Caustic’s stock does go up a bit.

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Respawn did try to show him some love by buffing the Fortified perk to 15 percent and having the effect his noxious gas has on teammates reduced by 50 percent in season two. But any ability that impairs your own teammates is still absurd when having so many legends who actually provide support.

Caustic’s abilities are also very situational. He can do very little when he’s caught out in the open fields of the new map and is most often forced to fight inside of buildings and choke points. 

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