Apex Legends players are attaching Rampart’s minigun to Crypto’s drone thanks to a bug

It's about as entertaining as you think it is.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Enemies in Apex Legends can come from any direction, even from above.

A new bug lets players attach Rampart’s mounted minigun to Crypto’s flying drone in Apex and unleash a flurry of bullets from above. Squads and streamers have been replicating the glitch throughout matches on Olympus—at least while Respawn doesn’t patch it.

The bug is surprisingly simple. If Crypto’s drone is close to the ground, it counts as a piece of cover on which Rampart can set down her emplaced minigun, Sheila. Operating the machine gun sticks the legend to the machine gun and the drone can fly away as normal, unburdened by the weight of the steel and flesh attached to it.

Even NRG streamer Brandon “Aceu” Winn joined in on the fun. On his stream, he stuck Sheila to Crypto’s drone and used it to melt a nearby Trident—only to find another squad using the exact same strategy. The battle quickly turned into a frantic dogfight, with both teams trying to take down their enemies and protect their pilots.

Although the combination is strong, the strategy has one weak link: Crypto’s drone only has 60 HP. Taking it down will pull the brakes on the assault and leave Rampart stranded away from her teammates. Of course, due to the drone’s small hitbox and the hail of bullets flying toward enemies, countering the strategy can be a bit tricky.

Respawn hasn’t officially acknowledged the bug, but based on the amount of traction that the issue has gained on social media over the past day, the developers are likely working on a hotfix to patch out the unintended interaction. Players who abuse the exploit, particularly in ranked matches, could be subjected to punishment.