Apex Legends player uses doors for a smart Wattson play

Watch how one Wattson player makes a big-brain play at Bunker.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends newest character, Wattson, has been growing in popularity due to the intricacy of her electrified gates. One player shows the community how to properly use them.

A fan posted their outplay in a Reddit post, offering a tip on how to use Wattson’s electric gates effectively.

In the clip, the player uses Wattson’s Perimeter Security ability to set up a number of electric fences that run between the inside and outside of Bunker’s entrance. When Bunker’s doors are closed, the electric fences turn off until the door is reopened.

The industrious player baited an entire team into opening the door, unleashing the full force of Wattson’s electric gates. The gates damaged the enemies, slowed them, and dealt enough damage that the player could mop up three easy kills with their Spitfire light machine gun.

Wattson’s introduction to Apex has created a dramatic shift in the meta, with players using strategic positioning to take out unsuspecting victims. Though some players are complaining about the camping strategy, others find creative ways to show their skills.

Players can continue to come up with interesting outplays throughout season two, which is scheduled to end in early October.