Apex Legends player accidentally finds a way to break the meta

The game handed them the ultimate bait.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

A new glitch was discovered by an Apex Legends player on Sunday, and it could break the game if others find a way to replicate it.

A player reported they initially queued as Loba but when they landed, they discovered they could use Wraith’s abilities instead.

They ended up being handed a hybrid Loba-Wraith character, with the appearance of Loba and the abilities and voice lines of Wraith. Opponents and allies also saw them as Loba.

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In a clip posted on Reddit, they show how they’re displayed as Loba in the game and in the team’s UI but have the voice and abilities of Wraith. This resulted in the team having two Wraiths—which is a scary combination to fight against.

The team gained an unfair advantage since their opponents expected to fight a Loba. If players find a way to replicate that glitch, it could break the meta until it’s resolved.

In the comments of the thread on Reddit, other players reported experiencing the same bug, but it’s still unclear how many players the bug has truly affected.

Other players were less worried about the implications of the bug, saying they wanted this to become a game mode in Apex. Not knowing who you’re about to fight could add a whole new layer to the game.