Olympus has fallen: Apex Legends disables ranked map to work on bug fixes

Map down. We repeat, map down.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

If you logged into Apex Legends today and were confused by the absence of Olympus in both the ranked and Play Apex game modes, you aren’t alone. Despite being the intended map for ranked for the last stretch of season 15, Respawn announced today that Olympus has been temporarily disabled.

The developers let the community know that Olympus needed to be disabled to fix the common “Engine Error – UI Images Ran Out of Room” error code that has plagued players and crashed servers since the new split update on Tuesday, Jan. 17.

Apparently, this error was being caused by Olympus itself, and the map will be disabled while Respawn looks at fixes for the error. In the meantime, ranked has shifted over to World’s Edge.

It’s unclear if the map is also a part of the problem that has seen many players in ranked reporting that Masters and Predator players have been getting into lobbies with Rookie or Bronze players as well. It could be that this phenomenon is part of the new matchmaking system working its kinks out as Respawn works to introduce it and retire the old SBMM system that it previously used.

Regardless, it looks like Olympus enjoyers are out of luck for the time being since their favorite map seems to be the problem child plaguing the game. This is the case in all battle royale modes as well as Control, where it seems like the usual Hammond Labs map has been removed from the LTM’s map rotation as well. Instead, Barometer and Lava Siphon simply have longer periods of time as the “live” Control map.

Whatever the issue is, Respawn will be keen to fix it as quickly as possible. The bugs that have pervaded the game since the Spellbound update and subsequent split change have been the worst that the game has encountered since the season 12 update a year ago prompted Respawn to gift all players several free battle pass levels.