Apex Legends’ latest character teaser shows someone may want Revenant dead

Someone wants to know the Nightmare Simulacrum's weaknesses.

Screengrab via PlayApex

Apex Legends’ season five is just two weeks away, and it appears the character teasers already kicked off. Apex tweeted a cryptic, yet familiar teaser that may point out towards the next legend in the game — and it’s a throwback to Revenant.

The teaser recalls a screenshot of a conversation between Hammond Robotics’ Cheryl Amacci and the Syndicate’s PR Lead, Jacob Young. The e-mail exchange was part of an earlier Revenant teaser, but the latest teaser shows a series of post-it notes that hint towards someone studying Apex‘s simulacrum.

The first e-mail exchange showed Amacci and Young hatching a plan to keep Revenant busy. Amacci mentioned that the simulacrum was created by the “original Hammond Robotics,” and that he “crossed the line a hundred rezzes ago.” The e-mail also mentions that Revenant’s source is inaccessible and that Hammond can’t stop him.

The notes reference several snippets of the conversation directly. “Original Hammond Robotics? Pre-2292,” one of the notes asks, but the date doesn’t appear to hold a known meaning yet. Another note contains “source code” in all capitals and with a circle around, which may hint that Revenant’s inaccessible source code is the key to defeating the simulacrum.

Fans speculate that the teaser could point towards Loba, likely the next legend to join the Apex Games. The community presumes that she is the orphaned daughter of Marcos Andrade, the victim shown on Revenant’s character trailer, which would give her motive to seek revenge against the simulacrum.

Dataminers also found Loba’s models hidden in the game files, and the character has been a nearly constant presence in earlier data-mining efforts.

Apex‘s fifth season kicks off on May 12 and will reportedly be titled “Fortune’s Favor.” Respawn will likely reveal more about the upcoming season over the next weeks, including a myriad of in-game teasers.