New Apex Legends teaser explains how Revenant may get into the Apex Games

“If Revenant can’t be stopped, then we have to find a way to control him.”

Screengrab via PlayApex

Out of all the sentences used to describe Apex Legends’ Revenant, “Immortal Murder Robot” sounds like the most accurate. The ruthless legend has a vendetta against in-game company Hammond Robotics and that might just be his golden ticket into the Apex Games.

The latest teaser showcases an email exchange between Jacob Young, the Syndicate’s director of PR, and Hammond Robotics’ Cheryl Amacci. The two are scared of being targeted by Revenant and sending him to the Apex Games may be the only way to control the simulacrum.

“What part of immortal murder robot don’t you get?” Young asks. “There has to be another way to stop this thing.” The director also mentions that the Syndicate “can’t access” Revenant’s source code and that the duo “can’t just sit around and wait” for Revenant to kill them.

Amacci suggested that the Apex Games might be a good place to keep him. “If only there was some way to keep him busy while also keeping an eye on him,” Amacci said. “Shame you don’t know any murder competitions to hide your murder robot in.” Young represents the Syndicate, a group of mercenary organizations responsible for running the Apex Games.

Amacci also shows that Hammond Robotics has no qualms with masking the truth. Young suggests that putting Revenant in the Apex Games may harm the company’s reputation, but she said that Forge was Revenant’s only confirmed kill and that the rest of the incidents could have happened at the hands of one of the many outlaws and scoundrels in the Outlands. “Anybody could have stolen those addresses and murdered those people,” she said.

She was quick to emphasize that she isn’t protecting Revenant but protecting Hammond Robotics and the Syndicate instead. “If Revenant can’t be stopped, then we have to find a way to control him,” Amacci said.

The teaser also juxtaposes the “new” Hammond Robotics against its former self. Amacci mentions “our predecessor, the original Hammond Robotics,” or the IMC, as she calls them. The new iteration of the company is supposed to be “kinder” and “gentler” than its predecessor, but the email exchange exposes the true Machiavellian nature behind its discourse.

Hammond Robotics will play an integral role in season four, especially in the changes to World’s Edge. The company announced it plans to “begin the Harvest” and a post on the PlayStation Blog disclosed that a Harvester is coming to mine the planet of its precious resources.

Players can drop into the fight as Revenant when Apex’s fourth season, Assimilation, hits the servers on Feb. 4.