Apex Legends cosplayer finishes incredible Bloodhound cosplay

It doesn't even look real—in the best way possible.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends cosplayer who has been working on a Bloodhound cosplay for the last several months has completed it, and the results are spectacular.

Cosplayer TrineKN, who also goes by troffiin, shared a photo of their completed Plague Doctor Bloodhound cosplay on Reddit. They posted additional photos of the final result on their Twitter account. Besides the outfit itself, TrineKN also created the R-301 and scope that they’re holding in the finished photo.

TrineKN has been working on the cosplay for the last several months and has shared several video progress updates to Reddit and Instagram. Other Reddit users started to follow their progress as they showed how they sewed the outfit’s gauntlets, made the R-301 out of EVA foam, and cut the material for the vest. The full suite of video updates can be seen on TrineKN’s Reddit post history.

Apex Legends fans were enthralled by the final result. “That cosplay looks eerily CGI,” said the author of the top-rated comment, prompting others to jump in and prove that the images are photos rather than renders or high-quality paintings. The photo looks professionally taken and was likely edited in post-production for lighting and smoothing, but that doesn’t diminish the impressive effect of TrineKN’s creation.

TrineKN has also created a variety of other cosplays, including outfits based on Elden Ring and an adorable 3D-printed Nessie weapon charm. Stay tuned to their social accounts to see what impressive outfit they’ll come up with next.