Apex hits new all-time high concurrent player count on Steam

Mad Maggie and Control have brought out the grinders.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends has reached a new all-time high in concurrent player count on Steam, according to SteamCharts.

The website, which tracks player counts across all of Steam’s titles, lists the new all-time peak and 24-hour peak at nearly 400,000 players, coinciding with yesterday’s launch of the game’s 12th season, Defiance.

Screengrab via SteamCharts

The new high of 392,998 crushed the game’s previous peak of 330,879 players, which was set in May 2021 alongside the launch of season nine. Apex first became available as an option to play on Steam in November 2020.

Since SteamCharts only tracks players on Steam and does not include those who play on Origin, PlayStation, Xbox, or Switch, the overall player count for Apex over the past day is likely much, much higher.

The new season has introduced some unique bugs for players, though. Respawn has acknowledged that players are seeing some issues “with their in-game currency balances, Legend unlocks, and cosmetics,” but the team is working on deploying a fix.

Season 12 of Apex features a new legend, Mad Maggie, a new limited-time nine-vs-nine mode called Control, and an update to the Olympus map. Alongside the usual battle pass with 100 tiers of unlocks, there’s also a new season of ranked play.