Apex’s C.A.R. submachine gun switches between heavy and light ammo on the fly

This will likely come in handy.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends: Escape’s gameplay trailer revealed quite a few things about the upcoming content drop this morning, including a better look at the new C.A.R. submachine gun.

The SMG looks formidable in the short bit of footage in the new gameplay trailer for the upcoming season. The video teases Ash and her abilities, the new map Storm Point, what to expect from the battle pass, and, of course, the C.A.R.

At the 1:25 mark in the video above, the C.A.R. is seen using both heavy and light ammo. Once the heavy ammo is used up, the Fuse player character picks up light ammo and loads it into the C.A.R. and the ammo icon on the bottom right changes to denote the swap. It looks seamless.

This type of flexibility will make the C.A.R. popular for those who like to experiment with loadouts. Having the ability to switch between both ammo types will make it easier to find loot for it at any point in the game, allowing you to change up your second weapon in battle royale or even Arenas.

The C.A.R. will join the Alternator, Prowler, Volt, and R-99 as other submachine guns in the game, offering decent variety between all of the weapons. Whatever your playstyle or favorite ammo type is, there’s likely now an SMG for you.

Apex Legends’ 11th season, Escape, begins next week on Nov. 2.