All new class perks in Apex Legends

Recons are a bit different now.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends is overhauling its class system in season 16, bringing in new utility and a breath of fresh air for some classes. The new class perks bring an extra layer of decision-making when it comes to team composition, and they also help set clearer roles and expectations for each class.

While some legends fit comfortably in their classes, the old system wasn’t entirely comprehensive of the rich roster of legends in Apex. While Bloodhound, Seer, and Crypto were quintessential Recon characters, Valkyrie felt closer to an Offensive character. Likewise, the Offensive category was highly bloated, encompassing all sorts of aggressive legends—even though some had different playstyles.

The new class system helps rebalance those legends and reinforce their identities with new roles. The Offensive class was broken down into Assault and Skirmisher, while the old Defense class was split between Controller and Support. Recon stayed mostly the same, with a few legends leaving the group but without any other characters joining its ranks.

Here are all of the new class perks in Apex Legends.

What does each class perk do in Apex Legends?

Classes having unique perks isn’t a new addition. Recon legends, for instance, could already read the Ring ahead of time. The overhauled class roles, however, make for a bigger difference between legends. They’re not game-breaking in and of themselves, but they can potentially have a strong impact on each legend’s playstyle and on some of the decisions players make during a match.

Assault class perk in Apex Legends

Assault legends can open a hidden shelf on weapon supply bins, which are a new addition in season 16 (joining the existing regular and extended supply bins). The gear that drops from this shelf uses the smart loot system present in the wildlife nests in Storm Point to grant attachments and equipment that matches their loadout, lead legend designer Devan McGuire said ahead of season 16. Assault legends can also carry one extra stack of ammo per inventory slot (80 light rounds per slot instead of 60, for instance).

“All together, this kind of makes them these more offensive, mobile armories ready for any kind of fight,” McGuire said.

Skirmisher class perk in Apex Legends

Skirmishers can spot an incoming care package as it drops to see the highest-quality loot inside of it. They can also ping the highest-value item to their teammates and can “keep tabs on that weapon,” according to McGuire. This means they can see if a weapon has suddenly disappeared and prepare for an ambush—or know not to peek because the enemy team has a Kraber.

The Skirmisher class perk pairs well with the class’ identity. Since Skirmishers are mobile and can help their squads quickly rotate in and out of a location, their class perk lets them take planning into their own hands when rushing a care package.

Recon class perk in Apex Legends

Recons no longer have the ability to preview the Ring location, which has moved to a different location. Instead, Recon legends can scan a modified Survey Beacon to reveal enemy positions on the map for 30 seconds. It’s not risk-free, though: enemies will be notified when that happens, McGuire said.

The new class perk doubles down on the identity of Recon characters as the major intelligence gatherers in Apex. It also opens up room to give the old Recon passive to a class that needs it far more.

Controller class perk in Apex Legends

The old Recon ability has moved to Controllers in season 16. Controller legends can interact with a new device called the Ring Console, which will tell them the location of the next Ring. This is extremely helpful to these legends and their teammates since Controllers by definition excel at holding down zones. Having that as a class perk gives them an early opportunity to set up and defend an area, bringing them closer to victory.

Support class perk in Apex Legends

Support characters will borrow Lifeline’s passive and get a useful trick up their sleeve. Starting with season 16, all Support legends have access to the extra shelf in extended supply bins (the blue ones), which were only available for Lifeline. This extra shelf will also contain “high-value healing and survival items,” according to McGuire, so it will be a prime target for any Support legends. More importantly, Support legends can also craft respawn banners for fallen allies, even if they have expired.

The new class perk for Supports lines up with the class’ new identity, which revolves around protecting and/or supplying the enemy team. Loba and Lifeline already had the “supply” part down. Gibraltar and Newcastle moved to Support in season 16, though, and this class perk provides them with another avenue to lean into that role.