Aceu claims Wraith will be irrelevant in Apex Legends season 11

Could the classic TTV character really lose her popularity?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Aceu is claiming that Wraith won’t pose a serious threat any longer in Apex Legends’ upcoming season 11.

“I can’t wait for you guys to see the next agent, the next legend,” the NRG content creator said in a clip taken from one of his recent streams. “Wraith is actually, just, never going to be played.”

The bold claim and tantalizing hint about season 11’s new character fired up his viewers, many of whom are excited to see Wraith finally fall off the list of most-played legends.

Wraith’s presence has been ubiquitous since the beginning of the game, particularly on streaming platforms like Twitch. Many players have complained about “sweaty Wraith mains” or “stupid TTV Wraiths.” But in recent seasons, statements like these have become more of a meme than anything else.

We recently ranked Wraith in our A tier on our Apex tier list, calling her strong, but not too strong. She was originally a powerful force in the game, but nerfs and the addition of legends whose abilities counter her have brought her back down to size.

Rumors about season 11’s legend have been swirling for a while now, but developer Respawn has yet to confirm anything. Data miners have already found hints as to the next character, speculating that it could be either Ash, who currently runs the game’s Arenas mode, or an all-new character called Maali.

Season 10 is set to end on Nov. 2, so it won’t be long before we find out exactly who’s joining the lineup—and whether they’ll pose a true threat to the classic TTV character.