The 30-30 Repeater is designed for ‘precision covering fire’ and allows for ‘big [damage] spikes’ with charged shots, according to Respawn

Game designer Eric Canavese broke down the weapon for Dot Esports.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Fuse is coming to Apex Legends with a new instrument of mayhem: the 30-30 Repeater.

Salvo’s most popular firearm is a lever-action rifle that hits hard—and even harder with its charged shot mechanics. The weapon will let players provide “extended precision covering fire” and could “make a pretty big splash” in mid to long-range engagements, according to game designer Eric Canavese.

The new gun falls “somewhere between the Longbow and the G7 Scout” with “a little bit of Wingman in there for good measure,” Canavese told Dot Esports. Its lever-action forces the player to rechamber the round after each shot, which makes the 30-30 “a lot less spammy” than the G7 Scout and better suited to “extended precision covering fire.”

The cherry on top of the 30-30 Repeater, as Canavese called it, is its two firing modes. Hip-firing it lets players unleash normal shots, but aiming down sights for about one second will charge up a projectile that deals increased damage—a reward for taking the extra time to track the target.

Normal projectiles deal 42 damage with a body shot without Low Profile or Fortified. Charging up the next shot brings that number up to 57. “There’s a method to that madness,” Canavese said. Normal shots can’t be overly powerful since players can aim down sights at any moment to deal a high burst of damage to targets.

“Weaving in those charged shots will be really important for reaching the full potential that the 30-30 can offer on the battlefield,” Canavese said.

Another core element of the 30-30 is its segmented reload. Players need to load up one round at a time, similar to the Mastiff. But they can interrupt the animation at any time to peek at an enemy or to react against a push—and it gives the weapon “a lot of adaptability,” according to Canavese.

The 30-30 will shine in mid to long-range encounters. It deals more damage than the G7 Scout, albeit at the expense of fire rate. Its charged shots deal almost the same damage as the Longbow with the added bonus of using heavy ammo.

It can also outperform the Wingman in long-range combat. It’s compatible with both x3 and x2-x4 sights, while the Wingman can only use up to 2x. The heavy pistol, however, also has a slew of advantages over the 30-30: faster handling, more hop-up options, and increased headshot damage when compared to normal shots, even without the Skullpiercer hop-up.

The 30-30 will join Apex when season eight starts tomorrow, Feb. 2.