100T signs NiceWigg as Apex content creator

100T seems to be dipping its feet into Apex again.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

100 Thieves signed NiceWigg as an Apex Legends content creator today, dipping its feet back into the game after a brief stint and a long absence.

NiceWigg dominated the Apex scene and rose to the number one Octane in the world shortly after the legend’s release. In addition to his skill, he also impressed for using a controller in high-level play, becoming inarguably the most famous Apex controller player and the number one controller pro after signing with Counter-Logic Gaming in 2019. He parted ways with the organization the following year.

Despite being unsigned, NiceWigg has competed in several high-profile tournaments, including the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS)—the crown jewel of Apex esports.

The announcement followed a video in which NiceWigg talked about the moments that made his career, including getting matched up with Dizzy, his chase to be the number one Octane in the world, and even getting hosted by Shroud. NiceWigg’s mother also made an appearance in another video on 100T’s Twitter—presumably posted without the content creator’s knowledge.

Alongside the announcement, NiceWigg hosted a stream to share the news with his followers, clad in 100 Thieves gear. He was exhilarated by the news and the support of his fans. His parents made a telephone appearance during the stream as well.

The signing is one way 100T can dip its feet into Apex again. The organization had an esports team in the battle royale’s meteoric launch but dropped its roster in Aug. 2019 after lackluster results.