NiceWigg gets so excited after shroud hosts him with 18,000 viewers that he wakes up his mom

"I gotta wake up my mom."

Photo via DreamHack

Shroud made a streamer’s dream come true yesterday.

Apex Legends pro Jack “NiceWigg” Martin was surprised to find 18,000 Twitch viewers watching him play yesterday after the first-person shooter legend hosted him.

“I just got hosted by shroud,” the streamer yelled. “What the fuck? What the actual fuck?”

NiceWigg was so elated by the influx of viewers that he ran to wake up his mother.

“I gotta wake up my mom,” NiceWigg said. “Come say ‘hi.’ I have 18,000 people… Shroud, thank you so fucking much, man. I didn’t even think you knew I existed, bro.”

In a heart-warming moment, the mother and son hugged in celebration of shroud’s host.

Although NiceWigg planned on ending his stream early, he broadcasted a couple hours longer to keep the masses entertained and ride the hype train. The Apex pro then paid the kind gesture forward by hosting a small streamer.

This isn’t the first time NiceWigg received a host from a popular streamer, though. He was in tears after NRG Esports Coby “Dizzy” Meadows passed his viewers along six months ago.

NiceWigg plays Apex professionally for North American esports organization CLG. He’s known for being one of the few controller players in the professional scene.