100 Thieves parts ways with Apex Legends roster

The team failed to find success following its creation.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

100 Thieves dropped its Apex Legends team today after failing to find success in the esport. The roster consisted of Justin “Teenage” Phipps, Isiaih “Lifted” Slowik, and Justin “JP2” Pate.

100 Thieves was one of many organizations that jumped at the opportunity to sign players when Apex’s release was met with immense success. The organization first signed Connor “Gigz” White to the lineup within weeks of the battle royale’s release in February. Before the month ended, 100 Thieves added Teenage and Lifted to its ranks and later signed JP2 in April.

The roster failed to find success over the months following Apex’s release, though, finishing in 10th place in the FACEIT Pro Series, a tournament that ran over the course of eight weeks.

Apex has seen only a handful of tournaments since its release earlier in the year. Twitch Rivals hosted the first tournament in which competitors faced off against one another in a “pub stomp” format, where players amassed points over a specific number of matches.

Respawn Entertainment has since released custom tournament lobbies, where the participating teams would be able to be matched against each other. This addition has since been a huge step in the right direction for the competitive integrity of the esport, but the Apex Legends developer still has yet to announce a structured esports league for the battle royale.

Respawn and EA have announced the next major Apex event, however, with the reveal of the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational just last month. The event will feature 80 teams from around the globe who will compete for a chunk of the $500,000 prize pool in Poland from Sept. 13 to 15.

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