World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King Classic set for September launch

The global launch will be at 5pm CT.

Image via Blizzard

World of Warcraft Classic servers are poised to move into the next expansion’s worth of legacy content in just two months.

Blizzard Entertainment announced today that Wrath of the Lich King Classic will begin on Sept. 26, giving everyone that on Burning Crusade Classic servers access to the expansion’s iconic zone—Northrend. The global launch will happen at the game time across all regions at 5pm CT.

Along with heading to the new zone to take on new quests, dungeons, and raids, the launch will include a re-introduction to WoW’s original achievement system and the profession Inscription.

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Meanwhile players now have access to the hero class Death Knight. These plate-wearing users of dark magic can be any race in the game. Anyone can make one Death Knight per server. Each DK begins at level 55 and has its own special set of introductory quests.

In preparation for the Sept. 26 launch, Blizzard is giving all players access to a 50-percent experience gain bonus so they can quickly level up any characters they’d like to play headed into WoLK.

While the new Classic expansion doesn’t cost players anything extra outside of their normal WoW subscription fee, there are a few different ways players can enhance their experience for a bit of cash.

While upgrades to Classic aren’t available on yet, Blizzard said in a press release today it will be adding “new cosmetic items and a level-70 character boost” as “optional upgrades” ahead of the WoLK Classic launch. The cosmetic packages will likely follow a similar structure as the Deluxe Editions of TBC Classic Blizzard sold to players prior to the expansion’s release last year.