Where to find the Revival Catalyst in WoW Dragonflight

Just a quick jaunt from Valdrakken.

Dracthyr Evoker using Soar spell in Thaldraszus.
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After a brief hiatus between seasons, the Revival Catalyst returned to World of Warcraft Dragonflight on June 13, giving players the opportunity to turn any piece of gear into tier set pieces. If you didn’t play during Dragonflight season one, you’ll probably have a hard time finding this device.

If you missed out on tier loot earlier in the expansion or are looking to add higher item-level versions of gear you may already have, the Creation Catalyst will allow you to freely add more flexibility to your character’s loadout. Plus, if you’re looking to catch up on any transmog sets from the new raid, Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope, the Revival Catalyst will allow you to check off some of those boxes in your set collection tab when you transform your Dragonflight season two gear into tier pieces.

As of patch 10.2, no more requirements exist to use The Revival Catalyst. Prior to Season Three players had to complete weekly quests (Season One) and then Blizzard made it so only one quest (overall) was reduced to just one quest (Season Two). Since there are no more quest requirements, players can just go to the Catalyst in Thaldraszus and convert their gear into tier pieces.

Here’s where to find the Revival Catalyst in WoW Dragonflight

Where to find the Revival Catalyst in the Dragon Isles

Just like Shadowlands’ Creation Catalyst before it, the Revival Catalyst is found in a high-activity zone, and in this expansion, the Catalyst is in the unofficial capital of the Dragon Isles: Thaldraszus. Players won’t have to travel far from the Dragon Isles’ main city of Valdrakken to access the Revival Catalyst since it can be found just east of the city in the Tyrhold subzone of Thaldraszus.

The coordinates for the Catalyst’s entrance are [59, 53] in Thaldraszus. Upon arriving at those coordinates, you can enter the structure in which the Catalyst is housed and use it whenever you require the use of it. 

The Revival Catalyst works identically to the Creation Catalyst in Shadowlands Patch 9.2. Simply place a piece of non-tier gear into the Catalyst, and as long as you have an available charge, you’ll be able to turn an item from the head, shoulders, chest, hands, or legs slots into an item-level appropriate piece of tier gear. Pieces of gear from beyond those slots will also turn into raid gear, so if you’re looking to complete a transmog set from the Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible raid, the Revival Catalyst will help you accomplish that goal.

We expect the Revival Catalyst to remain active until the end of Dragonflight season three when it will shut down temporarily until the eventual start of season four.


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