Team Liquid catch up to Echo, kill Mythic Rygelon in Race to World First

They will likely have to reclear tomorrow.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Just a few hours after Echo claimed a World First kill on Mythic Rygelon in the WoW Sepulcher of the First Ones Race to World First, Team Liquid have once again evened the playing field. The top North American guild took down Rygelon this afternoon, putting them on the final boss of the instance.

Liquid’s Rygelon kill took 245 attempts. It took Echo 204 attempts to down the boss. They did so this morning and have since already pulled The Jailer almost 40 times, with a best of 76 percent. 

Rygelon is one of the biggest damage checks of this Race to World First and one of the most notable bosses in terms of pure damage requirements in recent memory for a Race to World First. The DPS challenge comes from the final mechanic the boss performs. 

At the end of the fight, all other mechanics of the fight stop and Rygelon begins one elongated cast of an ability that cannot be interrupted or prevented in any way. The ability instantly kills everyone in the raid once it goes off.

In essence, everyone in the raid has to be alive and pumping out as much damage as possible during a final cast of an ability that is appropriately called “Massive Bang.”

The damage check at the end of the fight is so tight that even with both Liquid and Echo milking every ounce of damage they could out of the fight, the top guilds in the world had multiple attempts that ended with the boss still having just less than one percent health.

The two guilds now move onto the raid’s final boss, The Jailer, nearly two weeks following the start of the race. With the North American reset happening tomorrow morning, Liquid will likely look to reclear the instance tomorrow before starting progression on The Jailer.