Echo take World First Rygelon to reach final boss in WoW Race to World First

On to the Jailer.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Echo have notched another World First boss kill during the World of Warcraft Race to World First for Sepulcher of the First Ones, this time taking down the second-to-last boss of the instance, Rygelon, after 204 attempts.

The kill gives Echo a slight edge over Team Liquid, who last night had a best pull of less than five percent on Rygelon. Prior to this boss kill, Echo were also the first guild to take out the eighth encounter of the instance, Lords of Dread.

Echo typically play catch-up to Liquid during the first couple of days of any given RWF because North American servers get access to raids 16 hours before European servers. This happens because raids become available following each region’s weekly reset.

Echo were on pace to kill the boss earlier this morning on their 195th attempt. On that pull, the guild managed to get the boss to less than one percent health before wiping.

The next, and final, boss of the instance for Echo is The Jailer. Typically, final bosses in raids take well over 100 attempts to kill. And given that this raid tier has already had a handful of bosses that required more than 100s of attempts, Echo and Liquid will likely be progressing on the boss for a while and have to go through another weekly reset to finish the Race to World First.