VALORANT ranked bug falsely places players in Radiant

Not so fast, my friend.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT has had its fair share of bugs, but there may not be any more soul-crushing than the latest bug in the game.

Riot announced via the VALORANT Twitter account that there is a bug that falsely shows players that they have been promoted to Radiant, the highest rank in the competitive queue, after a game. So for those players that are on the edge of Radiant, you may still have some work to do.

And for those who wanted to keep living a dream and saying they are Radiant players when they actually are hard-stuck in Iron, the fix is coming soon, according to Riot. The developer said the next patch will address this issue.

Over the past few weeks, VALORANT players also had to deal with Killjoy’s turrets working underground on several maps. Fortunately, that bug was fixed and players have had a lot more fun since then.