VALORANT player uses Astra’s Gravity Well to pull out enemy camping in Bind’s teleporter

Come out, come out wherever you are.

Image via Riot Games

Playing hide-and-seek with Astra is no fun.

One VALORANT player used Astra's Gravity Well to stop an enemy from camping in Bind's teleporter, posting the hilarious video last night.

After their team fired numerous shots into the teleporter without killing the targets, the Astra player thought of a big brain play. By placing a star near the teleporter doors, the player dragged the enemy Reyna toward the entrance with Gravity Well. This automatically opened the doors, giving their team free shots on the opposing team.

And since there was also a Jett hiding in the back of the teleporter, the doors opening left them vulnerable to gunfire.

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VALORANT fans seemingly enjoyed the video, commenting with hysterical responses to the tactic. One called the play "bindblowing," while another claimed they're "scared of teleporters now."

Astra was released earlier this week, along with a new ranked season and fresh battle pass. Episode Two, Act Two will likely end on April 27.

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