The VALORANT Episode 2: Act 2 battle pass includes new weapon skins and cosmetic items

Unlock multiple new skins with the upcoming battle pass.

Image via Riot Games

The VALORANT Episode 2: Act II battle pass is set to go live this week, and fans will be able unlock multiple cosmetic items to customize their loadout. The battle pass includes a free and premium track, including new weapon skins, gun buddies, sprays, and player cards. 

Players can unlock the new Cavalier skin for the Bucky, Ghost, Operator, Stinger, and Vandal. The skin adds a new brown, silver, and light blue color scheme for each weapon, giving them a unique feel. 

The pass also includes the Prism III skin for the Classic, Judge, Melee, and Odin. The Prism III skin has three different colorways, including bubble gum pink, lime, and blue. The skin pass also includes a Prism III axe that is available in three colors. 

“With Prism III, we wanted to give players who don’t usually buy skins a chance to get their hands on the clean crispness of the Prism set,” VALORANT producer Preeti Khanolkar said. “Adding color variants to Prism was also a fun way to give players more color options.”

The new Polyfrog skin was inspired by the Polyfox skin made last year that was well-received by fans. According to Khanolkar, the new skin was inspired by the frog on Split. 

Fans can customize their guns with new Ramen, Mango, Explorgi, Pirate Hat, Headset, Mic, Spike rush, and Twitch Hand gun buddies included in the pass. There are 12 new player cards in the battle pass, and the most notable is the Cypher vs. Sova card. 

Fans of sprays can unlock 16 new sprays that reference popular memes like Revive Me, Jett, and FF. 

The Episode 2: Act II battle pass will be available March 2 for 1,00 VP. Players can unlock items like the Prism III Classic pistol for free, but the Prism III Axe and several other items are only available in the premium version. 

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