When does VALORANT Episode 2, Act 2 end?

Players have almost two months before the act ends.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT Episode Two, Act II is here and fans can finally get their hands on the new agent, Astra. Fans have just under two months to complete the new battle pass, though, since Act II ends on April 27. 

Episode Two, Act II introduces several new updates and changes, including a new agent. Astra is perfect for galaxy-brained players who want to adapt to any situation or scenario they encounter. The new controller can place stars that can be activated to use one of her three other abilities. 

Astra can use a Gravity Well to pull players toward the star’s center before it explodes. Players who are hit are affected with the vulnerable debuff. Her Nova Pulse ability charges briefly before concussing all enemies in its area. Astra can also provide cover with the Nebula ability, which creates a smokescreen for 15 seconds. 

Stars can be called back with the Dissipate ability that returns the star and forms a fake Nebula before disappearing. Astra’s Cosmic Divide ultimate creates a wall that blocks bullets and dampens audio. 

Act II also introduces a new battle pass with dozens of cosmetic items, including new weapon skins, gun buddies, player cards, and sprays. The latest patch also brings changes to ranked play that allow lower-ranked players to play with a broader range of their friends. Ranks no longer appear in-game or before a match, too. 

Players have plenty of time to enjoy Episode Two, Act II before it ends. Make sure to continuously complete your weekly and daily challenges to earn XP constantly.

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