VALORANT Patch 3.09 adds Brimstone’s office to Shooting Range

Check out the new room for a glimpse at Brimstone's past.

Brimstone agent in VALORANT.
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VALORANT players can find Brimstone’s office beneath the Shooting Range and learn more about the leader of the VALORANT Protocol. 

Last month, players noticed an audio teaser coming from beneath the Shooting Range and many assumed it was another hint for Chamber, the new sentinel agent. But Patch 3.09 opened the door to the basement of the Shooting Range, allowing players to find a surprising room. 

Entering the doorway and walking down a dark hallway reveals what appears to be Brimstone’s office, which contains multiple interactable objects. Players can listen to a voice memo from Killjoy discussing her progress on researching the teleportal at the Fracture facility and how she needs a higher budget to make progress. An email from Viper explains the team has finished a sweep of Everett-Linde, the destroyed facility on Fracture, and that Cypher is trying one last data recovery. 

Viper doesn’t believe the VALORANT Protocol has enough time to reverse engineer the Alpha-Omega bridge connecting the two universes, but Killjoy is using the short-range portals as a starting point. Players can also interact with a record player, explaining the music that was heard before. 

The room contains several pictures from Brimstone’s past, too. One picture shows Brimstone as a child on a baseball field with a friend. Another shows Brimstone and presumably the same friend in front of a firetruck, while another shows both characters sitting on a military vehicle in a desert. Brimstone is also shown on a motorcycle in front of a state park and a picture on his desk shows him giving a speech to recruits in similar uniforms. 

While the pictures seem like a straightforward glimpse into Brimstone’s backstory, they also likely confirm other details. VALORANT lore enthusiast Cynprel pointed out that Brimstone is carrying a person to safety in his unlockable Contract player card, which might be the friend seen in multiple photos. Some fans theorize that KAY/O might have the soul or personality of Brimstone’s friend, but this is only speculation. 

Brimstone’s office adds more lore for players to enjoy and could be a glimpse at what players can expect in Act Three.

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