VALORANT coaches Chet and Sean Gares test negative for COVID at VCT Champions 2022

The top NA coaches will finally get to be on stage.

Photo by Lance Skundrich/Riot Games

OpTic Gaming’s head VALORANT coach, Chet Singh, is officially out of quarantine at VCT Champions 2022 after a negative COVID test result on Sept. 7. With the negative result, he should be expected to appear on stage with the rest of the team for the start of the playoffs on Sept. 9.

100 Thieves’ coach Sean Gares has also tested negative and will join his team on stage for their final deciding group stage match against Fnatic on Sept. 8.

Just a couple of days before the start of Champions’ group stage play in Istanbul, Chet confirmed that he had tested positive after the VALORANT Esports team announced that a member of the OpTic team produced a positive test. Chet continued to produce positive tests for an entire week, throughout the duration of the group stage.

During his time under quarantine, Chet was able to get through COVID thanks to some provisions provided by 100T. 100T themselves were beset by COVID through the group stage, with four players and coach Sean Gares all testing positive. In 100T’s first match, most of the roster played off stage from isolated setups, but most of the roster played on stage for their second group stage match. Both coaches coached from isolated setups through both teams’ first two group stage matches.

Despite the coaches for both teams performing through COVID, both teams have played well overall. OpTic won both of their group stage matches against BOOM Esports and LOUD, despite losing the opening map in both series. 100T stunned Fnatic in the opening match of groups and have a chance to reach the playoffs if they can win a rematch against one of EMEA’s top teams.

The health issues at VCT Champions 2022 haven’t been limited to just COVID. Multiple members of FPX got sick with either a stomach bug or food poisoning, with ardiis going so far as having to be hospitalized, and FPX’s match against XSET having to be delayed.