TSM out of NA VCT Last Chance Qualifier after Envy loss in Masters Berlin grand finals

The team had to count on an Envy win to stay in the fight.

Photo via Riot Games

The VALORANT Champions Tour campaign for TSM is finished after a Team Envy loss in the Masters Berlin grand finals today statistically eliminated TSM from competing in the upcoming NA Last Chance Qualifier.

Ironically, the result of the grand finals of VCT Masters Berlin had little impact on both teams that were competing in it since both Gambit and Team Envy had already secured Champions spots just through the amount of VCT points each had earned.

An Envy win would afford a Champions spot for TSM, Sentinels, 100 Thieves, and a fourth squad determined by the NA LCQ. With all three of those teams already qualified for Champions, that scenario would have meant that TSM, ranked 11th in VCT points, could sneak in to join the LCQ field in October.

It’s an ending to what’s been a tumultuous VCT year for TSM VALORANT. Regarded as one of the best NA rosters at the end of 2020, they couldn’t find any momentum throughout 2021. They only finished top four in a single Challengers event, and when they did, they followed it up with a dismal performance in the Stage Three Challengers Playoffs. It was there they earned 40 VCT points, their only points all year, but it’s not enough to continue their journey.

They tinkered with the roster a handful of times during the season but couldn’t find the ideal formula for success. They field four active players in Wardell, Subroza, hazed, and LeviathanAG, while cutleR, drone, and bang all sit on the bench.

With Gambit claiming victory instead, four teams will now represent EMEA at Champions. Both Fnatic and forZe got the Gambit victory they were rooting for after Fnatic’s VCT points let them skip the LCQ and go straight to Champions, while forZe now sneaks into the field for the EMEA LCQ.

The EMEA Last Chance Qualifier begins on Oct. 10 and will include the Strike Arabia winner alongside the top EMEA Teams. The NA LCS begins Oct. 12 and will include the top two teams from the Oceania Tour, ORDER and PEACE.

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