Riot turning on VALORANT’s ranked mode in NA, LATAM, and Brazil after shipping fix to Act III audio bug

The climb starts now.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players eager to start the ranked grind are in luck.

Riot is turning on ranked mode for Act III in the North American, Latin American, and Brazilian regions today, according to the VALORANT Twitter account. An audio bug shipped with today’s Patch 1.10, forcing devs to hold off on Competitive mode until it was fixed.

Now that Act III is relatively stable and Riot has successfully fixed the audio bug, players can enjoy the climb. Patch 1.10 will be rolled out to KR, JP, OCE, and SEA later, followed by EU, TR, MENA, and CIS. Act III will launch with Competitive mode already on for those regions.

While the audio bug might be fixed, another error that prevents fans from purchasing Act III content is still at large. Riot is “working on a fix” for that bug and will have it solved “hopefully soon.”

The new act comes with plenty of exciting content, including the snowy Icebox map, a fresh battle pass, and the Singularity Collection. Upcoming agent Skye’s release will be delayed until Oct. 27.