Riot “working on a fix” for VALORANT purchases failing after Act III Patch 1.10

It looks like players will have to be a bit more patient.

Image via Riot Games

It seems Riot may have saved you some sheckles.

VALORANT‘s Patch 1.10 released today in the North American, Brazilian, and Latin American regions, offering a new battle pass and the stellar Singularity Collection. And while fans want to get their hands on the fresh Act III content, an issue seems to be making that a difficult task.

Players attempting to buy the new pass or skin line might be seeing a “purchase failed” message preventing them from checking out. The purchase issue doesn’t appear to be affecting all players in the three regions, however.

Despite the minor inconvenience, Riot says it’s “working on a fix” to get the store up and running. But the company hasn’t offered a set time frame aside from “hopefully soon.”

New battle pass and skin line aside, Act III also introduces a snowy map called Icebox. The map features tight angles and choke points, forcing players to skirmish more than other maps. And new agent Skye is slated to release in a following patch on Oct. 27.

Update Oct. 13 4:22pm CT: The VALORANT Twitter announced that “purchases are back online.”