Riot investigating visual issue with Chamber’s Headhunter pistol

It's unclear when the bug will be fixed.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games is aware of an issue that makes Chamber’s Headhunter pistol appear 100 percent accurate when standing still. 

Chamber is the newest agent in VALORANT and fans are enjoying experimenting with the new sentinel. But fans have noticed a visual glitch that makes it seem like his Headhunter pistol is 100 percent accurate when standing still, despite the weapon following the normal weapon spread rules. 

Riot is aware of this issue and is investigating the cause of the problem. The Headhunter pistol shouldn’t necessarily be 100 percent accurate when standing still and it’s likely just an unintended visual glitch. Players discovered this before Chamber officially launched earlier today and the bug made it into the full game. 

The visual glitch can cause problems since players think they’re hitting shots based on the visual effect while actually missing the target. The glitch only seems to occur when standing still and doesn’t affect the weapon’s overall performance.

Chamber is an interesting agent who can potentially bridge the gap between sentinel and duelist players. His kit contains a lot of firepower, which is perfect for taking the fight to the enemies while also providing means of escape and ways to track opponents. Don’t let this minor bug deter you from trying the new agent. 

Riot didn’t provide a timeline for when the bug will be fixed, but fans can rest easy knowing help is on the way. Just remember Chamber’s pistol works like every other weapon in VALORANT, so don’t let the perfect accuracy bug fool you. 

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