NA VCT Last Chance Qualifier to resume online on Oct. 27

The NA LCQ will soon be back underway.

Image via Riot Games

The North American VCT Last Chance Qualifier will resume play on Wednesday, Oct. 27 with online matches after a chaotic start to the event forced it to be postponed at the beginning of the original second day.

The bracket remains the same and will pick up where it left off after the first day. Gen.G and Luminosity Gaming will meet in the lower bracket, XSET await their lower bracket opponent, and 100 Thieves sit in the upper bracket finals waiting to find out who they’ll play against.

Image via Riot Games

The VALORANT action on Oct. 27 will begin with the FaZe Clan vs. Rise match that was supposed to happen on Wednesday, Oct. 13 before controversy involving COVID tests and playing conditions caused it to be postponed.

Players on both teams tested positive after initial rapid COVID-19 tests but weren’t able to rejoin their teammates on stage even after multiple negative tests. Rise were about to play with Ryan “Shanks” Ngo competing from his hotel room while his teammates played on stage against a FaZe team playing from their Los Angeles-based facility. Rise refused to play under those conditions, causing the game, the match day, and eventually the event as a whole to be postponed.

After the FaZe vs. Rise match takes place on Oct. 27, Cloud9 Blue will take on Version1. The winner from both series will face each other for a spot in the winners bracket finals against 100T.

All eight teams are fighting for one NA spot at Champions, where they’ll join Sentinels and Team Envy in the final VCT event of the year. The NA LCQ grand finals will take place Sunday, Oct. 31, and will be a best-of-five.

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