3 games you should play to satisfy VALORANT withdrawals

These should hold you over until VALORANT's full release.

Image via Riot Games

Now that the VALORANT closed beta has ended, a lot of players are scrambling to find new games to play until its full release.

VALORANT's closed beta accumulated more than 470 million hours watched on various streaming platforms and allowed Riot Games to address 383 bugs before the game's official launch. There were also 7,786 cheaters who were hardware banned, which means they will not be able to ruin the experience for anyone else once the game is officially out.

The beta also had a few setbacks, however, such as streamers abusing the Twitch drop system to farm viewers by using VOD content, and glitches that could be exploited by various Agents.

Regardless of these issues, thousands of players still spent hours perfecting their skills in the first-person shooter and are itching to play the game again. These three games should satisfy your fix for a first-person tactical shooter until you can get your hands on VALORANT on June 2.


VALORANT players should feel right at home in CS:GO since both games have similar gunplay. Every weapon has a unique spray pattern that players must learn to be effective with them. The main game mode also consists of two five-person teams defending and attacking bombsites to win the match.

There are no unique characters in CS:GO, however, but each player has access to utility that's like some of the agent abilities in VALORANT. There's also an economy system where players are awarded money per round based on their performance individually and as a team. Being mindful of your spending is still necessary though.

CS:GO also features a competitive mode where players can try to make it to the mythical Global Elite rank. But it's best to play a few casual games or deathmatches before jumping into this playlist.


Fans of VALORANT’s agents and their abilities will enjoy the similar system featured in Overwatch. Both games feature unique characters for players to select that can help their team push and defend objectives when used correctly.

Synergy is especially important in Overwatch. A player’s character choice can make or break a team dynamic. There are dozens of characters that match every playstyle imaginable and finding the perfect character to use is part of the fun.

Overwatch’s gunplay is drastically different from VALORANT's, however, so don't expect to get one-shot headshots in the team-based shooter.

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is another tactical shooter that also features unique characters for players to choose. Each character has a different ability, such as unique weapons and gadgets that provide a competitive edge.

The gunplay in Siege is slightly different than VALORANT but it still has an emphasis on well-placed shots for easy kills. Siege is also slow-paced and teams usually take their time when pushing a building or objective.

There are over 50 unique operators for players to use in Siege, so don't be afraid to experiment and figure out what character you enjoy using the most.

These games aren't exact replicas of VALORANT, but they should be enough to hold players over who can't figure out what game to spend their time playing.

Players can enjoy VALORANT again on June 2.