VALORANT player shows several locations where Omen can glitch into walls

There's still time for Riot to fix these issues before launch.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players have found dozens of ways to use the unique abilities each agent has to offer. Some abilities can be used for exploits, however, which is a cause for concern. One player showcased how easy it is to use Omen’s ability to break the map barriers and get an unfair advantage over enemy players earlier today.

A VALORANT player showed a few locations where Omen can use his Shrouded Step ability to glitch into walls. Most of the locations also require Sage’s wall, but a coordinated team would likely have little issue recreating the exploits.

The first location allows Omen to glitch into the ceiling near B Window on Bind and provides a clear point of view on B Short. Players can shoot through the wall and get the drop on unsuspecting enemies moving toward the bombsite.

The second location is on Haven near A Short. Sage can place her wall in the corner of the B bombsite, which goes through the wall and provides a platform for Omen to stand on. This location could potentially let Omen cover B with little trouble.

The final location is in the sewers on Split and allows Omen to get onto the roof near A Lobby. Omen can glitch into the ceiling after teleporting on top of Sage’s wall and can move around with ease. Once the player manages to get on top of the roof, they have a clear view of A Lobby and part of A Main.

All of these locations can be used to get an unfair advantage on unsuspecting players and can ruin the competitive integrity of a match. Riot Games has already taken steps to punish cheaters and those trying to get out of the map, however.

VALORANT will be officially released on June 2.