How to get a Voyager Engine, Thruster, Control Station, and Hull in Tower of Fantasy

Vehicles don't grow on trees.

Image via Hotta Studio

Tower of Fantasy is set in a gigantic open world. If you were to explore the whole game on foot, it could take a long time, which is where vehicles and mounts come into play.

Like most MMORPGs, players can unlock faster means of transportation to roam around the map without wasting a second. Mounts and vehicles have noticeably higher movement speeds compared to walking on foot. They’ll allow players to complete more quests and level up faster.

Voyager is one of the many vehicles in the game, and players will need to obtain its four different parts. Once all the pieces are collected, Voyager will be unlocked.

How to get a Voyager Engine in Tower of Fantasy

  • Head over to the oil rig on the southern island in the Banges to complete Hyena’s Banges Base quest.
  • Speak to the Hyena Guard.
  • Choose “I’m here for the Hyenas Carnival.”
  • Select “Hyena Queen.”
  • Click on “This is the seventh Hyenas Carnival.”
  • Pick “The Heirs of Aida of course.”

After completing the dialogue, climb over the oil rig and speak to the Hyena Member to obtain the Voyager Engine. Players will need to give the member sizzling meat in exchange for the Voyager Engine.

How to get a Voyager Thruster in Tower of Fantasy

The Voyager Thruster is a Four Powers drop. Players will need to hunt down the Four Powers and get lucky since the Thruster isn’t a guaranteed drop. Considering there are four of these mobs, players will have four chances to get themselves a Voyager Thruster on each try.

How to get a Voyager Control Station in Tower of Fantasy

The search for the Voyager Control Station will send players to a location west of The Lumina, the Crown Mines. Find the bunker that can be unlocked with a passcode in the region. The code is 3594, and you’ll find the Control Station inside the bunker.

How to get a Voyager Hull in Tower of Fantasy

The last piece, Voyager Hull, is located at Navia Ecological Park. The location can be accessed by activating the three towers under Cetus Island.

Players will need to unlock the Colossus Arm to be able to get the Voyager Hull in Navia Ecological Park.