All Scenic Points for Astra in Tower of Fantasy

Looking for a stunning view?

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Among the many activities, gameplay, and knowledge that players can participate in and uncover while playing Tower of Fantasy are points of interest called Scenic Points. These are locations players will come across during their explorations that capture a particularly great view of the nearby area and offer players insight into the area in question.

Astra, the starting area where players will begin their journey, has a few Scenic Points scattered around it. For wanderers seeking a stunning scenic view plus some solid rewards, here is a breakdown of all Scenic Point locations in Tower of Fantasy.

Screengrab via Hotta Studios

Where to find all Astra Scenic Points in Tower of Fantasy

There are five Scenic Points in total located around Astra, all of which are spread around the middle to the bottom half of the map. Players will know that they have found one when they come across the blue eyeball icon as pictured below. Interacting with this icon will add the Scenic Point to players’ Terminal and give them some rewards to collect.

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Here are all five Scenic Points that players can visit on the world map for Astra. Each individual Scenic Point allows players to record and document the view, and information about the location in the “Travel Log” section of their Chronicles Terminal.

Image via Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map | Remix by Kacee Fay

Scenic point one: Astra Shelter

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The first scenic point in Astra, and the easiest one for players to find, is located just above the Astra Shelter, which is the location where players begin their Tower of Fantasy journey. Any player who is wandering around in the starting area may even come across it by accident.

This Scenic Point is located towards the northwest part of the shelter and can be found on a ledge near a waterfall. The Astra Shelter Scenic Point is also somewhat northwest of and above the clinic that players woke up in during the prologue of Tower of Fantasy after losing their memory.

Scenic point two: Northern Ring Ranges

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The second Scenic Point is also located quite close to the Astra Shelter but is called Northern Ring Ranges. Players can find this location to the north of the shelter and slightly east on top of a small mountain. You will need to deploy your jetpack to reach this Scenic Point, but it is fairly easy to reach besides that.

Scenic point three: Mega Arena

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The third Scenic Point requires players to venture far away from Astra Shelter and head to the very east end of the river on the Astra map. The Mega Arena Scenic Point is located northwest of the Football Field region of the map and overlooks the actual Mega Arena, as is pictured above.

Scenic point four: Ring of Echoes

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The most difficult Scenic Point to reach is the one called Ring of Echoes, which is located a bit north of Crimson Pillars atop a massive rock pillar. Players won’t have enough stamina to simply climb up it and their jetpack won’t get them all the way to the top from the ground. Thus, the best way to reach the top is to slowly climb up the mountains behind the pillar and get to the highest point possible on the mountain that is still within sight of the pillar, as is pictured below.

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Once at the tallest mountain that is at nearly the same height as the pillar with the Scenic Point, players should then employ their jetpack and fly over to the pillar. This method allows players to regain stamina in between climbing each mountain and easily reach the top of the pillar once they are at a good height to deploy their jetpack.

Scenic point five: Tomb of Thorns

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The final scenic point is located at the southernmost part of the Astra map. Tomb of Thorns is situated directly on top of a thorny vine by grass outside of the circular arena where players can take on the World Boss Robarg.