When does TFT Set 6 release?

Here's every important date leading up to launch and what to expect in Set Six.

TFT esports Pengu
Image via Riot Games

The sixth set within Teamfight Tactics will officially launch in early November following the Reckoning World Championship. 

Scheduled to take place from Oct. 1 to 4, the TFT Reckoning World Championship will occur prior to Set Six launching on the PBE. Patch 11.20 will drop on Oct. 6, providing the traditional “fun patch” one update earlier than previous sets. Set Six will launch on the PBE on Oct. 19 or 20, according to Riot game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer. And the official release date for TFT Set 6 is scheduled for Nov. 3 via Patch 11.22.

Set Six will continue to expand upon the success of Set 5.5 via Radiant Items by introducing a new mechanic called Hextech Augments. Instead of a mechanic that relies on items to influence and improve team comps, Hextech Augments will offer players a number of effects that range from Ornn artifacts within an Armory to being able to see who your next opponent is. 

Labs are getting expanded upon in Set Six with the addition of an unnamed partner mode. Tacticians can pair up with friends and compete against three other teams within a lobby. The lab will drop shortly after TFT Set Six is released, get taken down for a time to make adjustments, and relaunch at a later date. 

Cosmetics within TFT are also getting expanded upon with the release of Chibi Champions, an alternate avatar to Little Legends. The team is even testing a feature called Legend Scouting where players can bring their avatar with them upon scouting opponents and interact with their Little Legend or Chibi Champion. 

Set Six will become playable on the PBE on either Oct. 19 or 20 via Patch 11.21. And the official launch of TFT Set Six is scheduled to take place on Nov. 3 with the upload of Patch 11.22.