TFT Set 6 reveals powerful Hextech Augments mechanic

A new mechanic elevates gameplay in TFT.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games revealed the new Teamfight Tactics Set Six main mechanic today, which offers various effects throughout the course of a game.

Scheduled to release in early November, according to Riot Games, TFT Set Six will feature a new mechanic called Hextech Augments. This mechanic is unique in that it provides players with effect options that can target a unit, their team, or provide valuable strategic insight.

Riot revealed a total of six TFT Set Six Hextech Augment effects today, offering players a sample of what’s to come when the set releases in November.

  • Provide all ranged champions with an additional two Hexes of range
  • Pump a unit with an item attached to them with an additional 200 HP and 20 attack damage
  • You gain one gold and a free shop reroll each time you lose in combat
  • Know which opponent you’ll face during each combat stage
  • Open an Armory that offers four unique Ornn artifacts
  • Level to 10

The value attached to each Hextech Augment revealed today breaks the typical mechanic mold, mashing together successful mechanics from previous sets. Power and HP added to a unit in Set 5.5 were via Radiant Items, free rerolls were introduced in Set Three via the Trade Sector Galaxy, and Ornn artifacts are from Set Four Fates.

New effects within Set Six, like being able to see who your opponent will be at each combat stage, are a huge deal, especially in competitive TFT and for players seeking to rank up the ladder. 

Hextech Augments are an evolution of TFT mechanics that will likely get players hyped to play Set Six. It’s unknown at time of writing how many total Hextech Augment effects are within the upcoming set or the method in which players will receive them. 

Set Six in TFT is scheduled to release sometime in early November.

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