TFT Set 6 adds new avatars and currency options

New avatars will challenge Little Legends in popularity.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games rolled out a few details for the upcoming Teamfight Tactics Set Six today, which will include new avatars, such as Chibi Champions, and a new currency.

Little Legends have been the staple TFT avatar since the game was released in 2019. And they’ll remain an avatar option in addition to Chibi Champions, which were revealed today by Riot.

Unlike Little Legends, Chibi Champions don’t come from eggs and don’t evolve. With the release of TFT Set Six, players can purchase a Chibi Champion directly from the TFT store. 

One category of Chibi Champions is called Tacticians. The TFT team is planning to introduce legendary Tacticians in the future.

Image via Riot Games

Later in the year, Riot will also release a new form of TFT currency, moving away from Riot Points. The new currency is called TFT coins, available first on mobile and later in the first half of 2022 for PC players. Players on PC will still use RP until TFT coins are released on the platform.

Set Six is scheduled to launch sometime in early November with a PBE release taking place two weeks prior. Chibi Champions will become available for purchase within the TFT store upon the release of Set Six.