New TFT lab featuring team gameplay joining Hyper Roll in Set 6

Pair up with friends to take down other teams.

Image via Riot Games

Hyper Roll mode will return in Teamfight Tactics Set Six and will be joined by a second lab.

Shortly after the release of TFT Set Six, which will take place sometime in early November according to Riot Games, players will have the option to compete with friends in a second lab. No name has been assigned to the partnered mode at the time of its reveal, but Riot did disclose a few details that will surely get players excited for its arrival. 

The new partner lab in TFT Set Six will pit a total of four teams against one another during a game. Each team consists of two tacticians, sharing HP and working together to dominate the other three teams. And if your partner is having a hard time, you can use an Assist Armory to help them out.  

No details were released regarding how players queue into the new lab mode, but it seems like the partner lab is meant for groups of friends seeking to play against one another, rather than queueing into the TFT Play mode. A tournament will also take place at the end of the initial release.

The partner lab will launch shortly after the release of TFT Set Six and remain playable for a few patches, according to Riot. It will then get taken down so the team can determine its strengths and weaknesses. Following a period of time to allow for adjustments, the lab will relaunch in a “more complete form at a later date.”

Hyper Roll will remain and is scheduled to launch its new champions and mechanics with the release of Set Six sometime in early November.

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