TFT Set 6 Challenger Series: Standings and format

Only the top two earned an invite to the TFT Set Six Mid-Set Finale.

Image via Riot Games

A total of 16 top-ranked North American Teamfight Tactics players competed for slots at the upcoming Set Six Gizmos & Gadgets Mid-Set Finale. 

Following TFT Patch 12.1, the Set Six NA Challenger Series was the second of three qualifying tournaments leading up to the Mid-Set Finale, scheduled to take place from Feb. 4 to 6. The North American roadmap contains one Challenger Series qualifier, along with the Piltover and Zaun Cups. A total of 16 players competed in the Challenger Series qualifier, with first and second place earning an invite to the TFT Set Six Mid-Set Finale.

Unlike the previous Piltover Cup, the Challenger Series format showcased five games during the first day with the top eight moving onto day two. And the second day of the competition was played in a checkmate format. A checkmate format requires players to reach a point threshold of 24 points, and then a first-place finish to win. If competitors who crossed the threshold were unable to achieve a victory, first-place was awarded to the TFT player who gained 40 total points first. 

Day one, Jan. 8

Screengrab via Riot Games and Wisdom

A total of five games were played via two TFT lobbies with the top eight players advancing to the second day. Despite a nerf to Urgot within Patch 12.1, the four-cost Chemtech/Twinshot Set Six champion was still a solid carry, along with Kai’Sa in the late game. Finishing in the top four via all five games was sètsuko, followed by solid performances from Kiyoon, Soulless, Kurumx, and Aesah. 

Here are the top eight TFT players that advanced onto the second day of the Set Six Challenger Series qualifier. 

  • Sètsuko: 41 points
  • Kiyoon: 34 points
  • Souless: 34 points
  • Kurumx: 32 points
  • Aesah: 32 points
  • SpencerTFT: 31 points
  • SpicyAppies: 29 points
  • Robinsongz: 27 points

Day two, Jan. 9

Screengrab via Riot Games and Wisdom

The second day of the TFT Challenger Series showcased the top eight players from the day, determining who earns an invite to the Mid-Set Finale via a checkmate format. 

SpicyAppies was the first to cross the point threshold and just missed taking first-place in game five, running Assassins. Five of the eight players had crossed the point threshold for game six and it was Aesah claiming the lobby victory and the Challenger Series title.

Earning a hard-fought second-place finish for the day was SpicyAppies, earning a seat at the TFT Mid-Set Finale with Aesah. Finishing third was sètsuko with 33 points and Souless with a total of 32 points.