TFT Set 6 Piltover Cup: Standings, scores, and schedule

The road to Worlds in NA begins with the Piltover Cup.

Arcane Sprite

In Set Six Gizmos & Gadgets, the NA road to Teamfight Tactics Worlds kicked off with the Piltover Cup qualifier, featuring three days of competition.

A total of 124 players were invited to compete in the North American Piltover Cup qualifier based on ladder rankings a week after Set Six launched. Unlike previous TFT qualifiers in the NA region, the Piltover Cup showcased an upgraded format.

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Image via Wisdom and Riot Games

The top-ranked ladder players received a pass on day one. On the second day, they squared off against the top 32 that competed on the first day. Only 32 of those advanced onto the finals, battling for qualifier points and an invite to the TFT North American Mid-Set finale. 

Day one Nov. 12 Piltover Cup standings

Image via Wisdom and Riot Games

Out of the 124 players competing, only 32 advanced to the second day of the Piltover Cup. Notable names who made the cut include Broccoli, SpicyAppies, Rayditz, IMissVoidSins, and Inikoiniko.

Day two Nov. 13 Piltover Cup standings

A total of 64 players competed in five games, consisting of the top 32 from day one and the top 32 ranked players on the TFT Set Six ladder. The top four players in each of the eight lobbies advanced to the finals on day three.

Day three Nov. 14 Piltover Cup standings

The top 32 TFT players over the course of three days competed in a total of five games. Competitors were split into four lobbies, with the winner of each lobby earning an invite to the Mid-Set finale, and the top two in each lobby qualifying for the upcoming Zaun Cup.

Following three games played, Lobby A and Lobby B had three players tied for first place. Ramblinnn and Pockygom each won their lobbies with 39 points. Joining them with invites to the Mid-Set finale was PickleOnion with 31 points and PawnUp with 36 points. Broccoli, Velayy, Yubin, and Kovanel each earned an invitation to the Zaun Cup on Jan. 8 to 9.