How to watch TFT Set 6 Piltover Cup qualifier

The road to TFT Set 6 Worlds in NA kicks off with the Piltover Cup.

Image via Riot Games

Competitive Teamfight Tactics is resuming with the Set Six Piltover Cup qualifier, featuring the top 128 ranked players on the North American ladder. 

Scheduled to run from Nov. 12 to 14, with the main broadcast on Nov. 13 and 14, the North American Piltover Cup qualifier will showcase a first look at the competitive TFT Set Six meta. Set Six Gizmos and Gadgets contains a number of variables to make a successful comp, from Hextech Augments and items to traits and champions. 

Competitive play for the Piltover Cup on Nov. 12 won’t have a dedicated broadcast, but many of the TFT players are expected to stream their gameplay.

A main TFT broadcast of the NA qualifier will take place on Nov. 13 and 14. Rosemary “Nekkra” Kelley is returning to the desk along with fellow casters Chris “Boop” Lessard, Khroen, Kien “MeanMisterKien” Lam, and Wolfey. 


The first day of the TFT Piltover Cup will cut the total number of competitors from 128 to 64 after three games with 32 advancing after another three games played. Day two will showcase the 32 players from day one along with the top-32 ranked TFT players on the NA ladder. 

Only 32 will advance to the final day, competing in five games to determine a winner and the top four who advance to the Mid-Set finale. Qualifier points are awarded at every stage throughout the Set Six TFT Piltover Cup.

Day one 

  • Three games of 128 players: First through fourth in each lobby advance to the second day. Fifth through sixth earn six qualifier points and seventh through eighth earn five points.
  • Three games of 64 players: First through fourth in each lobby advance. Fifth through sixth earn nine qualifier points and seventh to eighth earn eight points.

Day two

Following five games, the top four players in daily points will advance to the third day. Those who finish fifth through eighth will earn Set Six qualifier points.  

  • Fifth: 16 qualifier points
  • Sixth: 14 qualifier points
  • Seventh: 12 qualifier points
  • Eighth: 10 qualifier points

Day three

The top four players from day three will advance to the Mid-Set finale. All players who finish in the top eight will earn qualifier points.

  • First: 25 qualifier points
  • Second: 24 qualifier points
  • Third: 23 qualifier points
  • Fourth: 22 qualifier points
  • Fifth: 21 qualifier points
  • Sixth: 20 qualifier points
  • Seventh: 19 qualifier points
  • Eighth: 18 qualifier points

Set Six competitive roadmap

The competitive TFT Set Six roadmap includes a total of three qualifiers that lead up to the Mid-Set finale on Feb. 4 to 6. Out of the 128 competitors at the Piltover Cup, the top four will earn an invite to the Mid-Set finale.

All players who earn qualifier points at the tournament can qualify to attend the Mid-Set finale based on their total points earned between the Piltover Cup and the Zaun Cup. All players who have the highest-earning qualifier points throughout Set Six can gain an invite to the TFT Set Six Regional finals on March 25 to 27.