TFT Post Mortem reveals no more major changes ahead

Time for the meta to settle.

Teamfight Tactics Neeko
Image via Riot Games

A cycle of large Teamfight Tactics patches followed by smaller ones will come to an end, according to principal game designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer and lead balance Riot Statikk in today’s Post Mortem. 

Patch 11.4 was a huge update that contained buffs and nerfs to champions, Chosen units, traits, items, and adjustments to core systems. There were disagreements from the team regarding implementation, but both Statikk and Mortdog feel like meta is in a much better spot, and that no more major reworks or system changes will likely occur throughout the remainder of Set 4.5, according to Mortdog.

System changes made to Lucky Lanterns were spot on while adjustments to the Chosen system left Mortdog and Statikk feeling like more could have been done. Similar opinions were voiced by Mortdog and Statikk regarding buffs and nerfs made to traits, champions, and items. Heading into the final patches of Set 4.5, the TFT team plans to focus on balance. Big changes will occur only if necessary, according to both devs, due to upcoming major tournaments.   

Competitive season in TFT esports hits high gear with Fates Regional Finals taking place in March. Prior to the North American Regional Finals that will feed into the TFT World Championship, Giant Slayer TV is hosting the Qualifier Four tournament this weekend and Team Liquid will host the last Fates Open Qualifier next week from March 1 to 5.

Patch 11.5 is scheduled to take place on March 3, with changes already live via PBE servers. The update is a small one, focusing on tweaks to the meta balance while also focusing on the upcoming TFT Set Five.