TFT buffs to Abomination, Draconic, and Skirmisher included in 11.20 ‘fun patch’

Abom and Draconic re-rolls are back on the ranked ladder menu.

Image via Riot Games

A total of two Set 5.5 Teamfight Tactics updates remain, with Patch 11.20 bringing about fun changes to the meta during the final weeks of the Dawn of Heroes

Scheduled to drop on Oct. 6, “fun changes” are arriving a patch early, according to game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer. Earlier in the week, Mortdog teased Radiant Armory and Radiant Blessing changes. And today’s patch preview reveals buffs to traits like Draconic and nerfs to Set 5.5 champions like Yasuo. 

A buff to the Draconic trait brings back the full force of the true high-roll experience via Dragon Eggs most likely, similar to what the TFT team did with the Fortune trait in Set 4.5. Skirmisher hasn’t been a dominant trait since the launch of Set Five, earning a buff in Patch 11.20, while running five Abomination is likely back as an S-tier comp. 

A nerf to Yasuo will either tone back the Set 5.5 champion or bury him. And high-performing synergies like Forgotten and Sentinel are getting a nerf to likely open the door for other TFT builds to excel. 

Changes made in Patch 11.20 won’t affect the competitive scene, with the TFT Reckoning World Championship taking place from Oct. 1 to 4. Patch 11.21 will introduce Set Six to the PBE servers and the set will officially launch on Nov. 3.