How to watch the TFT Set 7 PBE Clash

Watch the best and most creative TFT personalities battle in a new set prior to its official release.

Image via Riot Games

Prior to the release of Set Seven, a total of 32 Teamfight Tactics players from around the globe will compete in a PBE Clash tournament, showcasing new champions, traits, mechanics, and Augments within the Dragonlands set. 

The first TFT Set Seven tournament will take place from May 31 to June 1. Showcasing players from EMEA, OCE, and NA regions, the PBE Clash gives players a chance to see new champions and team comps in action prior to the official release of Dragonlands on June 8 with Patch 12.11. Fans can watch the action unfold on the TFT Twitch channel, starting at 8am CT on both days. 

Players competing in the PBE Clash TFT Set Seven tournament include content creators and past World Champion qualifiers and winners. A total of 32 players will compete in the event over the course of two days, providing early bragging rights for their represented regions heading into the official launch of the Dragonlands set. 

Image via GiantSlayerTV TFT and Riot Games

The TFT Set Seven introduces several new mechanics to the auto battler while also adding four new dragons to the League universe. Players will recognize returning Hextech Augments when watching the PBE Clash, now called Draconic Augments. New traits either encourage or forbid dragons within their team comps and the Dragonlands set contains a total of 58 champions, including dragons and other creature types. 

Testing within the PBE servers will last up until the official launch of Set Seven on June 8. The PBE clash will take place during week two of testing. Day one will be played via the May 27 balance patch, and the second day of the TFT PBE Clash will be played via a balance patch that is expected to drop on May 31 around 3pm CT.