Here’s every TFT Set 4 new, reworked, and removed item

There are two new items and eight Spatula items.

Teamfight Tactics Ashe
Image via Riot Games

Riot revealed the remaining Teamfight Tactics Set Four spoilers today, including every new, removed, and reworked item in Fates. 

A total of 58 champions within TFT Set Four were introduced, along with every Origin and Class trait in Fates. Riot also announced the new Spatula items that correlate with traits, as well as two new items. 

New Set Four TFT items

A total of two new items are getting added to Fates, replacing the two that are getting removed. 

Gargoyle Stoneplate

  • Chain Vest (25 Armor) and Negatron Cloak (25 Magic Resist).
  • A direct representation of the individual components, the holder gains 15 Armor and 15 Magic Resist for each enemy targeting them.

Sunfire Cape

  • Chain Vest (25 Armor) and Giant’s Belt (200 Health).
  • At the start of combat, and every two seconds thereafter, a random enemy within two hexes is burned for 25 percent of their maximum health over 10 seconds.
  • Any healing they receive is reduced by 50 percent.
  • Sunfire Cape is a Unique item. 

Removed TFT items

Only two items have been removed from TFT Set Four: Red Buff and Sword Breaker. The latter was hardly used and Red Buff was bumped for being an item that only worked on a couple of top-performing champions.

Set Four Spatula items

Every one of the TFT Set Three Spatula items was removed, replaced by new ones that correlate with the Fates Origins and Class traits

Duelist’s Zeal

  • Spatula and Recurve Bow (15 percent attack).
  • Unique: Champion with Duelist’s Zeal gains the Duelist trait.

Elderwood Heirloom

  • Spatula and Negatron Cloak (25 Magic Resist)
  • Unique: Champion equipped with Elderwood Heirloom gains the Elderwood trait.

Mage’s Cap

  • Spatula and Tear of the Goddess (15 spell mana).
  • Unique: Champion with Mage’s Cap gains the Mage trait.

Mantle of Dusk

  • Spatula and Needlessly Large Rod (20 percent spell power).
  • Unique: Champion equipped with Mantle of Dusk gains Dusk trait.

Sword of the Divine

  • Spatula and B.F. Sword (15 percent Attack Damage).
  • Unique: Champion with Sword of the Divine gains the Divine trait.

Vanguard’s Cuirass

  • Spatula and Chain Vest (25 Armor).
  • Unique: Champion with Vanguard’s Cuirass gains the Vanguard trait.

Warlord’s Banner

  • Spatula and Giant’s Belt (200 Health).
  • Unique: Champion equipped with Warlord’s Banner gains the Warlord trait.

Youmuu’s Ghostblade

  • Spatula and Sparring Gloves (10 percent Dodge and Crit chance). 
  • Unique: Champion equipped with Youmuu’s’ Ghostblade gains the Assassin trait. 

Reworked TFT items

Blue Buff, along with Spear of Shojin, were classified as reworked items. Changes were applied to provide more versatility among champions. Patch 10.21 also reworked and adjusted a number of existing items.   

Blue Buff

  • Two Tears of the Goddess (15 mana each)
  • After a champion has completed casting their spell, that wearer gains 20 mana.

Spear of Shojin

  • B.F. Sword (15 Attack Damage) and Tear of the Goddess (15 mana).
  • The holder’s basic attacks restore eight mana on-hit. 

Chalice of Power

  • Bonus Spell Power 40

Locket of the Iron Solari Shield

  • Provides 350/450/600/800 sheild

Luden’s Echo

  • Base damage reducedd to 180
  • Deals 180 bonus damage to crowd controlled and shielded enemies


  • Dration for 10 seconds

Statikk Shiv

  • Damage reduced to 75
  • Bonus damage increased to 175

Zeke’s Herald

  • Bonus Attack Speed increased to 40 percent

Zz’Rot Portal

  • Taunts all nearby enemies at the start of combat to the wearer for two seconds.
  • Construct Attack damage increased to 150

Players can check out all the new TFT Set Four items on the PBE when it launches between Sept. 1 to 3. The official release of Fates is set for Sept. 16. 

Update Oct. 14 9:45am CT: Champion stats updated following TFT Patch 10.21.