Best TFT Set 7 Patch 12.11 meta Dragonland comps

Soar into TFT Set Seven like a pro and start gaining that LP.

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Adventures within the Dragonlands begins with the release of Teamfight Tactics Set Seven, showcasing various vertical and synergistic comps for players of all levels.

Two weeks of PBE testing for Set Seven has outlined a handful of best TFT comps to learn for the Dragonlands launch. The new set offers players several improvements over Set Six, from Draconic Augments (formerly Hextech Augments) that drop at new times and offer players better choices via a reroll option to a Treasure Dragon Armory designed to help players complete their comps.

Following the launch of TFT Set Seven, a hotfix was shipped that nerfed Nami and Varus while also fixing a bug affecting Sylas. In conjunction with the nerfs and a rapidly evolving meta, several Dragonlands Patch 12.11 comps rose to top-tier status while others fell.

Similar to Set Six, players will want to adjust strategies based on Draconic Augments and items during the early game. There are several best early-game comps that transition into the best late-game builds, but sometimes playing flexibly is the best way to play TFT. And before diving into gameplay, players should familiarize themselves with traits and champions from the Dragonlands set. 

Astral Dragonlands comp

Astral is the built-in TFT reroll comp of Set Seven, similar to Yordles from Set Six. Instead of having champions portal onto your bench, though, every fifth shop showcases an increased chance of Astral units while also providing players with an Orb. 

The nerf to Nami bumped the Mage reroll version of Astral out of top-tier status and has left three-star Varus hanging on by a thread. Nami has been bumped from the build and replaced by Skarner. The three Astral units to run now are Skarner, Illaoi, and Varus—focusing on getting a three-star Illaoi and Varus.

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Varus wants speed and damage items like Guinsoo’s Rageblade and Deathblade. Infinity Edge, Hand of Justice, and Runaan’s Hurricane are also viable options. And if the lobby has an abundance of crowd control, players should prioritize a Quicksilver as the third item.

A strong frontline is needed to protect Varus, so Illoai is also a three-star priority. Players can also three-star Skarner, but the Bruiser isn’t a top priority. Running four Bruiser units is, though, with Shen and Ornn providing adequate frontline protection and crowd control effects.

Ezreal should always be a second Swiftshot to activate Tempest with the addition of Ornn. And players can run either four Swiftshot units via Twitch and Xayah, or add a dragon such as Sy’fen to activate four Bruiser without Shen and the Whispers trait.

Ragewing Set Seven comp

Ragewing is a strong trait throughout all stages in Set Seven. Going nine via a Draconic Augment is preferred but six will work too. Primary carriers can be Xayah or Shyvana. Swain is good during the early game with items like Rageblade and Statikk Shiv, which can also work on Xayah with an AD item or two like Deathblade, Giant Slayer, and Infinity Edge. 

Image via TFT Team Builder

Shyvana is squishy, so she needs defensive items in conjunction with Titans Resolve. And Hecarim is a solid defense carry on the frontline (one of the strongest tanks in Set Seven), using items like Dragons Claw and Warmogs. 

The new version of Rageblade that has risen in popularity since the release of Set Seven Dragonlands is Sett reroll. The comp runs six Ragewing units with a three-star Sett as the primary carrier and Shyvana as the secondary. Similar to the above version, players will want to run three Dragonmancer units with Sett as the Hero instead of Lee Sin or Swain.

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Ideal items for Sett are Quicksilver and AD items. The comp can also run three Jade units—Neeko, Ashe, and Karma—speeding up Sett’s attacks while Ashe slows down the enemy’s team.

Assassin Set Seven comp

Reroll Diana was popular during the Dragonlands PBE testing, and she still has a place in the meta, whether as a two or three-star unit. The best items on Diana are Ionic Spark and Frozen Heart, while Talon wants AD items. A Quicksilver is best on Pyke but also goes a long way on Talon and Diana.

Image via TFT Team Builder

Pyke is the optimal late-game Assassin carrier. Talon items work best with Pyke, along with a Quicksilver, to ensure he keeps executing backline units. Four Scalescorn is a must with Diana reroll, using Olaf as a secondary carry. Adding Ornn hits the enemy team with crowd control while activating the Tempest trait. And defensive items on units like Ornn and Braum are essential to buy time for the Assassin units to tear up the backline before frontline carriers turn around.

Revel and Cannoneer Corki

Revel and Cannoneer pair together within the TFT Set Seven Dragonlands set, showcasing Corki and Idas as the primary carriers. Similar to the Varus reroll comp, a strong frontline is required to protect the Cannoneer units. Idas provides that frontline protection via items like Dragon’s Claw, Warmogs, and Gargoyle’s Stoneplate.

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Corki is a four-cost Set Seven champion that can sometimes miss with his cannon shot, similar to Jhin from previous sets. Ideal items on Corki are AD, like Infinity Edge, Deathblade, and Last Whisper. Tristana and Lulu activate the Trainer trait during the early game, providing a three to four-star Nomsy tank by the late game. Sona adds Evoker to the mix, and Bard activates the Mystic trait in the late game.

Whispers Sy’fen

The Whispers trait in TFT Set Seven is unique, reducing armor and magic resistance from enemy units while stacking attack damage and ability power at each breakpoint. Running two Whispers works as a support synergy piece but to run a Whispers carry, players will want at least four Whispers and possibly six, following a nerf to the trait in the final PBE patch.  

Image via TFT Team Builder

Sy’fen the dragon provides three Whispers and is a solid melee carry that wants items like Hand of Justice and Infinity Edge. Blood Thirster and Quicksilver are both good third option choices depending on the lobby meta, and Ornn is a good secondary carrier with defensive items. And slotting in three Mages supports the build during the midgame stages and allows players to add Zoe for late-game strength.

Image via TFT Team Builder

Running six Whisper replaces Zoe with Pyke and Thresh for Illaoi. Players can then add Diana and Braum for Scalescorn, Guardian, and Assassin synergy.

Update June 11 at 3:45pm CT: All TFT Set Seven Patch 12.11 comps were updated following the release of the Dragonlands set.