Best TFT Set 5.5 comps for 11.15 B-patch

Play a wide variety of comps to rank up prior to Patch 11.16

Nunu TFT Set 5.5
Image via Riot Games

An extended meta patch in Teamfight Tactics Set 5.5 has led to a number of playable comps, bringing back several carriers that can easily place top four.

Coinciding with Riot Games’ mid-year break, tacticians have a three-week gap between Patches 11.15 and 11.16. A B-patch was released prior to the break, providing TFT players with a total of two weeks before the next balance update. Despite a nerf to Lucian in the 11.15 B-patch, the Set 5.5 champion remains one of the best carriers within the meta. Abomination/Draconic is also ranked at S-tier status during the 11.15 meta, using three-star Ashe and Heimerdinger. 

Unlike the release of TFT Set Five, Reckoning: Dawn of Heroes’ launch has a fairly balanced meta that includes a wide variety of comps tacticians can use to place top four in a lobby. From Yasuo and Aphelios to Jax and Riven, here are the best TFT Set 5.5 comps to play during the extended Patch 11.15. 

Sentinel Lucian

Image via LeDuck

Sentinel is a new trait within TFT Set 5.5 Reckoning: Dawn of Heroes, providing the highest health champion a shield that also grants attack speed. Three Sentinel champions have a 200 shield and 30 percent attack speed for four seconds. The goal for a Lucian carry build is to run six Sentinel, but it also works well with only three in conjunction with Skirmisher.

The items for Lucian are flexible, according to LeDuck, who encourages tacticians to slam items to maintain a winning streak. Lucian can be empowered by the new Set 5.5 champion Akshan as a two-star. Items such as Guinsoo’s Rageblace and Titan’s Resolve don’t stack on Lucian and are a better option on Akshan, according to LeDuck. Any defensive items should be transferred over to Galio during the late game. 

Abomination and Draconic

Image via LeDuck

Not much has changed with the Abomination/Draconic comp, using three-star Ashe and a two-star Heimerdinger during the late game. Playing the comp requires a loss-streak during the early rounds, without losing too much HP. Upon hitting level six, the comp stabilizes. Tacticians should use their extra gold from Draconic to go fast eight. 

Aphelios Nightbringer

Image via Bunnymuffins

Aphelios has returned to the top of the TFT meta thanks to new Set 5.5 champions Akshan and Gwen. Both Aphelios and Akshan pop off the most with AD items like Deathblade and Bloodthirster, according to Bunnymuffins. Four Nightbringer is a must, using champions like Lee Sin, Diana, and Sejuani. Rell is a solid second Cavalier who also attributes to three Ironclad in conjunction with Jax and Natilus. 

Gwen is a solid late-game addition who can provide backline protection for Aphelios and is the best Mystic if the trait needs to be added due to the lobby meta. Diana and Akshan can tear up an opponent’s backline. And Nautilus, Lee Sin, Rell, and Sejuani are extremely strong as frontliners, providing an immense amount of CC. 

Yasuo Nightbringer

Image via Bunnymuffins

Yasuo Nightbringer is a solid option if tacticians can’t acquire Aphelios and Akshan items. Similar to Set Five Yasuo, his best-in-slot items are still Rapid Firecannon and Runnan’s Hurricane. Hand of Justice is a solid third slot item, while Jeweled Gauntlet and Last Whisper can work as well. 

Fortnite Jax

A Jax and four Knights comp is climbing the tier status ranks, according to TFTRen. Jax pops off with three skirmisher champions while four of the Knight trait stand guard on the frontline. The best-in-slot items for Jax are still Bloodthirster and Runnan’s Hurricane. Last Whisper is a strong third item option, along with Hand of Justice. 

Riven Abomination

Riven Abomination is another new TFT Set 5.5 meta comp that’s rising through the ranks. Playing four Dawnbringer units and Abomination during the mid-game stages is essential, according to AceofSpades, dropping two Dawnbringer units for more powerful late-game champions like Heimerdinger, Garen, or Volibear. 

Ideal items for Riven include Bloodthirster and Runnan’s Hurricane. A solid third item is Quicksilver due to a large amount of CC in the 11.15 meta. Other items that work, according to AceofSpades, are Assassin Spatula, Rapid Firecannon, and Radiant Guardian Angel. 

The next TFT Set 5.5 patch is 11.16, scheduled to release on Aug. 11.