Best Set 6 TFT 12.2 comps to climb with

Rank up before the Mid-set.

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Balance changes made within the Teamfight Tactics 12.2 update left several comps at top-tier status while creating room for new ones to emerge. 

Patch 12.2 applied slight nerfs to Talon and Shaco with little to no effect on their playability within Syndicate and Imperial comps with Assassins. Attack damage comps continue to reign supreme with Ability power builds taking a back seat. Hextech trait Augments continue to improve within Patch 12.2, providing several builds the power needed to succeed. Melee Jayce was slightly buffed, making the five-cost a solid late-game addition, while Chemtech Urgot with a solid secondary carrier continues to hold down its S-tier status. 

From Imperial Swain reroll to the Fiora and Yone Challenger build, here are the best TFT Patch 12.2 meta comps according to bunnymuffins, wrainbash, and results from the NA Zaun Cup

Chemtech Urgot

Image via Ramblinnn

The Chemtech Urgot TFT comp continues to rank at S-tier status, but it isn’t a guaranteed win within the 12.2 meta. Urgot needs a strong frontline to protect him and the build requires a solid secondary carry, else it might place within the bottom four. Urgot still pumps out damage with items like Runaan’s Hurricane and Last Whisper, leaving some flexibility for a third item that depends on the lobby meta. 

Strong secondary carriers are typically Dr. Mundo and Jinx as a five-star late-game addition. Lissandra is a solid carrier that can hold for Jinx, providing the most damage when equipped with Morellonomicon. Dr. Mundo wants defensive items like Warmog’s Armor and Bramble Vest while Jinx can use support items like Quicksilver and Hand of Justice. Trait Augments for Bruiser and Chemtech traits are ideal, along with Item Grab Bag and Knife’s Edge. 

Assassin comps (Shaco and Talon)

Image via Bunnymuffins

Assassin comps are on the rise with Shaco and Talon reroll sharing the spotlight. Syndicate Shaco works best with five Syndicate and four Assassin but can still perform well with two Assassin. Ideal items on Shaco as the main carrier are Infinity Edge, Runaan’s Hurricane, and Last Whisper in conjunction with Hextech Augments like Knife’s Edge. 

The Bodyguard trait provides a strong frontline with CC via Braum as a secondary carrier with Defensive items. And Adding Akali during the late game helps improve the comp towards a top-two finish. Hextech Augments to look for include Syndicate and Assassin Augment traits, along with Binary Airdrop and Knife’s Edge. 

Image via LeDuck

Talon Assassin is the best reroll TFT comp at the moment, supported by five Imperial and two Assassin. Ideal items on Talon are Rapid Firecannon and Infinity Edge. The third slot can work with Quicksilver or Hand of Justice depending on the lobby meta. Sion is a solid frontline choice, equipped with defensive items, along with Ekko as the third carrier. 

Swain Imperial reroll

Image via Bunnymuffins

Swain is a solid secondary carry within an Assassin reroll build that can also thrive as a TFT reroll comp on his own when Talon and Assassin units are contested. The Noxian general needs a Deathcap on him to truly pop off and is best when supported with four Arcanist and two Enchanter units. Swain needs an abundance of AP power, provided via Chalice of Power, and Quicksilver helps keep the general pumping out damage. 

Fiora and Yone Challenger

Image via Ramblinnn

The Yone and Fiora Challenger build popped off during the TFT Zaun Cup, earning multiple first-place lobby finishes. Fiora is a strong carry best equipped with an Academy emblem, Bloodthirster, and Guardian Angel. Yone’s best-in-slot items are Runaan’s Hurricane, Last Whisper, and Quicksilver. 

Four Challenger units in conjunction with two Bodyguard units on the frontline and two Enforcer Set Six champions during the late game stages are ideal for placing within the top four of a lobby. Defensive items should go on Braum. Running six Challenger is possible is preferred. 

Hextech Augments that support the Challenger TFT comp are Knife’s Edge, Binary Airdrop, Thrill of the Hunt, and Celestial Blessing. A late-game Kai’Sa with Morellonomicon can also help tear through healing from an opponent’s team. 

Seven Innovator Jayce

Image via LeDuck

Rising to S-tier status during the TFT Zaun Cup was Seven Innovator with Jayce as the main carrier, possible with Hextech Augments Innovator Heart and Soul. Jayce can shred through an opponent’s team with items like Last Whisper, Infinity Edge, and Giant Slayer. Orianna is the secondary carry, supporting the team via Chalice of Power. Other ideal items on the four-cost support unit are Archangel’s Staff and Statikk Shiv. 

Seraphine and Heimerdinger are solid third carriers. A Morellonomicon on Seraphine will help burn through an opponent’s team while providing healing to your own board, and Heimerdinger with a Blue Buff and Deathcap can output a significant amount of damage.